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Dave Stewart GoE Trainer

  I found the course created new meanings for me around EFT, even though I have been using it for 10 years.  

Dave Stewart GoE Trainer

  I have recently competed the Energy EFT foundation training. I found the course created new meanings for me around EFT, even though I have been using it for 10 years. It helped me to develop and improve my own EFT skills and also how to support and train people to experience the power of working with energy within a day. The colour manual that accompanies the training provides clear and engaging graphic imagery to complement and explain all aspects of the training. I regularly use visual aids to engage with young people and know how valuable a visual connection is in creating rich meanings and energies. Throughout the manual the colour SUE scale images really help in relating energy states to emotions. The expectation of creating positive energy is highlighted in the manual and differentiates the GoE approach from classical EFT. This shapes a new range of possibilities that offers practitioners the energy outcomes that contrast with merely creating a solution by reducing the problem state. I work a lot with young people around anger and opening up positive energy states through tapping provides a powerful experience of positive thinking and feelings.

I have delivered GoE training in Positive EFT and Master Practitioner Training and found myself conscious of the need to follow the supporting handbooks and syllabus. The flexibility and range of experiences covered in the Foundation course makes it more useful and meaningful to a wide range of people. I am planning to deliver training to a group of young people and know the course design and manual will stimulate their energy and interest. This Foundation course opens up so many applications of EFT which in itself generates energy and excitement. Participants in training really valued the clear layout of the manual and the way in which “Set up phrases” were so easy to follow (often an area where new energists seek support)

The course and manual offer clear and easy to understand instructions that people learning EFT can follow easily. This enables them to follow the process with the confidence that they can catch up easily by reading the relevant page for guidance. I really like the headings on each page and the Four unit design. Each unit offers so much and I intend to deliver it in a modular format. The foundation course provides a fantastic introduction to EFT and provides a benchmark format for future publications. The foundation course was joy to experience and I am eagerly planning delivery of many more trainings of this fantastic introduction to EFT. 

Dave Stewart GoE Trainer

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