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Jorge Vence GoE Trainer

  Personal development has never been any easier. Whomever takes this fascinating training will most definitely become a real master at personal development.  

Jorge Vence GoE Trainer

  Energy EFT Foundation is such a simplified and in depth course that can teach new tappers and experienced ones alike. The information is concise enough, and at the same time nothing is left out. The images help a great deal, especially for those who are more visual. One thing I love in particular is how self-explanatory the images are, so there is no “real” language barrier here, which is great for those trainers who train in other languages, so nothing is lost in translation.

This foundation course can definitely throw a real punch, because all you need to know about EFT/tapping is there, so clients & students can start reaping the benefits immediately, a new tool for the toolbox! Personal development has never been any easier. Whomever takes this fascinating training will most definitely become a real master at personal development.

Unit 1: Learning EFT - In this unit the student gets to learn the origins of EFT, the “science” behind it, tapping points and a very basic set up to get them started and using this powerful tool.

Unit 2: The Energy Billionaire - Here the student is introduced to a “new” concept, the Energy Body, to the emotions and something we tend to take for granted quite a lot, our 6th sense. The students get introduced to the amazing SUE Scale; though, it is so incredibly easy to explain and the images help a great deal. The students learn that we are abundant and wealthy, we just don’t know it. We are billionaires and we don’t know it, because all we need is Energy. More “advanced” techniques are introduced here, how to tap using Nature, Animal and Colour energies.

Unit 3: From Problems to Solutions - This unit introduces the students to the aspects model, and enables them to realise that the I exists only in the NOW. The graphics and language make it so easy to grasp that even those you never got it before, can most definitely totally get it now. Students learn that they have the solutions to all their problems, they just don’t know it, and here they learn how to explore their problems and find their solutions. In a nutshell this unit takes everyone on a journey from Stress to Success and Beyond!

Unit 4: Energy EFT for Two – and more! - This unit puts it altogether and adds an element of fun to it. It shows the real life application of it and how it can be integrated in their everyday lives. It also demonstrates that there isn't a real reason as to why you should dwell on things, they now have a cutting edge tool to be used by them and their family, anywhere at any time! This unit also enables the students to see themselves as Master Practitioner which would be their most logical next step.

All in all this beautiful foundation course is a game changer for trainers and students as it makes everything so simple and easier to understand, saving time and motivating people to continue in their growth and evolution as an Energist. 

Jorge Vence GoE Trainer

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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