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Events Psychology - What A Concept!

Peer Review by Dr Terry Lynch, New York, USA

  This book stands on its own as a work to bring guidance to our evolution as human persons.  

Peer Review by Dr Terry Lynch, New York, USA

  Silvia Hartmann has done it again. Just as several of her past works have expanded my thinking and practice, her new book: Events Psychology: How to Understand Yourself and Other People, has done the same. She has designed a system that challenges concepts in the field of psychology and pragmatically puts forth theory and practice in a concise and comprehensive manner.

Events Psychology, what a concept; I could not put this book down. So much of what was shared made sense to me and applicable to daily practice.

The book presents the view that our energy systems are held together by the events of our lives and that these events form a matrix. This events matrix, according to Dr. Hartmann, directly causes our thoughts, actions, and behaviors.

Dr. Hartmann discusses the “intrapersonal” nature of events which is open to acquiring new events. This openness to change in the events matrix can bring about evolution in a person’s life whether it is past, present and/or future. Dr. Hartmann attains the goals of the book by giving the reader refreshing concepts to devour and techniques to apply to their own lives as well as their clientele.

Dr. Hartman’s writing style is engaging and straightforward. She provides a thorough background on the topic and offers case studies to support the material presented. I appreciated the detailed Table of Context making it easy to jump to different ideas and review thoughts presented. The Addendum is also helpful as the reader is left curious as to the process in which the author has journeyed in order to get to the present moment of this creation.

In essence, Silvia Hartmann has a deep love for the human totality and its propensity towards higher energetic states of being. She seems to have a pulse on what prevents us from evolving and generates avenues to make possible a life beyond our current dreams. Although a background in Energy Psychology is helpful, this book stands on its own as a work to bring guidance to our evolution as human persons. 

Peer Review by Dr Terry Lynch, New York, USA

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