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Events Psychology Fills Me With Joy!


  Silvia Hartmann continues to shine a light along the path to a truly real humanity  


  This is the most reflective, natural, sensible and logical account of our human make-up and it fills me with joy as I read it and I find myself saying, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. It is a theoretical bed-rock for all the ways and techniques we have learned and used successfully since the heady days when we first used EMO Energy-in-Motion. At the same time it does not burden us or make us feel inadequate if we are just using the techniques in themselves.

Meanwhile it fills me with excitement as I see a whole new paradigm emerging which is a model not just for psychology/psychotherapy/counselling, but for theology as well. It takes us from simply grieving over what we think we have lost and can never recover to realizing that we can change the events of our lives by a process which Silvia outlines very clearly. Much of our pain is caused by not knowing our human structure.

We have been dabbing metaphorical disinfectant on our spiritual wounds and unable to heal or release them. We are beginning to see something which has been hidden until now. What a difference it will make when we wear our crystal clear spectacles and release our fears and begin to do as Silvia Hartmann has done.

We will begin to see into the heart of things and enable ourselves to see ourselves and our humanity and our world in a whole new way. Imagine a world where we begin to view events, both traumatic and energising and know that they are gifts given to us to be reflected on and transformed.

We can release our sadness and our guilt and get to work on transforming ourselves, our environment and our world not by hyperactivity but from a centred place where our energy is flowing and we are attuned to our Creative Template or in other words we are living as we are designed to live. This model is both practitioner and self help friendly. It is so in line with everyday common-sense thinking that one feels that it is so true, why haven’t I thought about this before.

Silvia Hartmann continues to shine a light along the path to a truly real humanity. 


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