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Events Psychology Foreword by Nicola Quinn

Nicola Quinn - Composer, Artist & Author

  Events Psychology unlocks the future for us all and that is its greatest gift  

Nicola Quinn - Composer, Artist & Author

  “I’d like you to write the foreword to Events Psychology,” said Silvia Hartmann one morning. “In fact, I believe you are the only person really qualified to do so."

Well, put like that it was impossible to refuse the invitation. It is a fact that we have worked closely together over the past 14 years, without a break, without a fail.

Our individual and joint research projects, daily evaluations, tests, trials, explorations and amazing journeys have indeed led us right here - to the publication of Events Psychology.

Silvia Hartmann's genius lies in zeroing in on the underlying structures of actual, observable reality and identifying the patterns others not only overlook and/or dismiss, but most often, do not even see at all. From there, she develops new models, theories and approaches, always stringently scientific in her method, tireless in her quest for the truth.

The result are methods and techniques that have never been before, and more remarkably still, these methods and techniques are always accessible, highly usable and most importantly extremely effective.

The apparent simplicity and elegance of the models, methods and patterns is the direct result of original insight, paired with years upon years of real world testing not on small isolated sample groups, but with real people, from all around the world, thanks to the medium of the Internet.

Over the years people have looked in from the outside and asked about the sacrifices we have made, the things they deem we have missed out on, while single mindedly pursuing our research. Silvia Hartmann and I don’t see it like that at all, or ever. What they don’t see are the incredible worlds of opportunity we explore each day.

We have been living the concept of Events Psychology for a long time already, well before it had a name, as we did with EMO Energy-in-Motion, which came from a single observation before it was developed, named and became the amazing modality it is today, practiced and taught worldwide, loved by so many.

It has been a long road to get to Events Psychology.

As with all great discoveries and innovations it seems so obvious once it has been pointed out and we often shake our heads in astonishment and ask ourselves, "How did we not know this already?" Yet when something is so right, it feels perfect, familiar, on the first encounter.

You will recognise yourself in Events Psychology. You will recognise your neigbours, and you will begin to develop a whole new understanding that is both deeply personal, as well as interpersonal, and then beyond.

Events Psychology unravels the mysteries of the human mind, clearly demonstrates to us how logical and rational the human mind functions.

Events Psychology does not just explain thought, emotion and behaviour in theory; here, we also find very real and usable tools to heal the problems of the past and create a new way forward, into the fresh cool altitudes where freedom, love, logic and sanity reign supreme.

Now, we really do have a set of tools so that we may "Understand ourselves - and other people". Beyond all else, is this not all we require for a happy healthy joyous existence?

Many years ago Energy Psychology released us from the fear of negative emotions, and now Events Psychology takes us even further forward.

Humanity is in desperate need of a gentler, more elegant, more powerfully effective and truly holistic mind healing modality.

With Events Psychology, Silvia Hartmann has given the world an immensely valuable contribution, and I feel deeply honoured and delighted to play my material part in creating this revolutionary new model which will answer so many questions, put minds at rest, heal hearts and calm the thoughts.

Most of all, Events Psychology unlocks the future for us all, and that is its greatest gift. 

Nicola Quinn - Composer, Artist & Author

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