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Events Psychology - Review by Dr Michael Millett

Written by Dr. Michael G Millett 
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  Altogether, a very informative, creative and elegant explanation of ourselves and other people. An excellent book for everyone and a gift for therapists.  

Written by Dr. Michael G Millett Elevated Therapy International ®

  I did enjoy reading Silvia Hartmann`s latest book “Events Psychology” – How to Understand Yourself and Other People.

We are a sum total of our life experiences, positive and negative which we own. Whatever we perceive to be real is our reality! Events in our life give us our life experiences which are our life. They give meaning and structure to our lives and how we handle an event interpersonally is what it is all about.

Silvia shows us how to break up life experiences and focus on the felt response of an event and then understanding the thoughts that come after the event (cause and effect) thus allowing us to make the necessary and appropriate changes in our lives.
This book helps us understand how change works, how you do change and what change is all about in the first place.

The decision to think and function in a positive way is the first step in transmuting energy to a higher level.

At a higher level or vibratory rate, it attracts even more positive energy, producing a snowball effect which assists in furthering the creation of a newer, happier and an altogether more desirable future.

However, our thoughts and consciousness can become absorbed in negativity due to prior events and harbour low levels of thinking, which can greatly affect our disposition, or the way we relate to ourselves, other people, and pave the way for a less than happy future. This can affect the quality of our lives, our goals, and of course the way we think about ourselves.

Dr. Hartmann offers a very cohesive, logical, practical, workable and structural model that applies to the human condition and is pertinent not just for emotional healing, but also for future planning. A process of 'dehypnotising' us from our 'problem trance' or `problem event`. In my view, all problem states are either expressions of love or cries for love.

This love is the essence of happiness. Silvia Hartmann's clear cut model of what we need to do, step by step, to achieve a breakthrough in healing and change and evolution is the right step forward in achieving more love in our lives.

Apart form her talking about remedial treatment of our life experiences (events), and guiding us through the structures of the whole experience, pointing out how logical and rational the human mind and emotions are, she very importantly discusses the full experiences and affects of them on a mind, body, spirit level, their order and sequence in a truly holistic fashion.

She goes on to talk about the “bigger picture” being in the moment and paying attention to it and evolving from it.
It is because of this, I believe Silvia Hartmann's work will speed up healing treatments with more predictable results and bring Energy Psychology to its next level of effectiveness.

Author Silvia Hartmann explains about taking a person's evolution beyond just healing pain and trauma but about raising their own consciousness and bringing in more love and support into their reality too. Events Psychology lets you know that your happiness doesn't have to be according to your events.

Altogether, a very informative, creative and elegant explanation of ourselves and other people, further fostering our desire to actively make better changes in our own lives and in those of our clients and the people we love.

An excellent book for everyone and a gift for therapists.

What wonderful discussions will spring from “Events Psychology” – How to Understand Yourself and Other People as it makes the theory and practice of Energy Psychology easier to explain, faster, more directed, expanding it holistically and therefore allowing the true power of Energy Psychology to come more to the fore.

Transmuting your events to higher and more positive levels of consciousness can determine the difference between success or failure, not only in business, but also in health, happiness, peace of mind, and in reaching your dreams.

Yes, only the future can heal you!

You will succeed!!!                            

Written by Dr. Michael G Millett
(Elevated Therapy International ® ) 

Written by Dr. Michael G Millett Elevated Therapy International ®

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