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Events Psychology - This technique works!

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

  [Events Psychology] is like a full-blown healing that moves you into a new life if you are willing to really work with it. I love it!  

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

  This book is not a traditional psychology book. It describes the events in our lives within the frame work of the human energy system. Rather than engaging the long story that surrounds threshold events in our lives, the author narrows the actual event down to the moment when something shifts inside us. The moment when we say, "life will never be the same", "I'll never love anybody else", "life is out to get me" etc. According to the book, when we had that feeling in our body and those beliefs were formed something happened in our energy system. The energy got stuck somehow and was not able to run freely. This is a hands-on kind of book that shows you step by step how you can resolve any event and make dramatic changes in your own life.

If you experienced a traumatic event incl. really big ones such as rape, a car accident, received a scary diagnosis - or an enchanted event that was so wonderful nothing can ever compare - the energy of that event is still in that same place in your body and therefore the feelings about the event never change. And sometimes the biggest shifts inside are not the result of a major incident in the outer world. If someone else looked at that event, they would think it was nothing. As a matter of fact one of the biggest blockers in my own life turned out to be such a small, minor event - but the effects on the inside because of the belief I created during that event were so huge, they held me back for 40 years. This book teaches you how to evolve an event in a way that frees up the energy to run through you again and create a new belief set that works in your favor. The process frees you up so that it becomes a healing event that enhances your life rather than holding you back.

When I went in and treated key events in my life using this technique, amazingly I not only found healing, but also the freedom of experiencing new beliefs that made my life so much better. The book even shows you how to create events in the future that you would like to experience.

The thing I love the most about this book is that it is so structured and therefore so easy to follow. I've read several of Silvia Hartmann's books and she has a way of writing that is so logical and makes everything simple. Without knowing anything about this, I was able to start changing traumatic experiences into blessings. I've spent over 25 years trying out countless self-help techniques. Some of them helped me somewhat - none of them helped all that much. This technique is like a full-blown healing that moves you into a new life if you are willing to really work with it. I love it! 

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

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