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  I have attended Jim's NLP class in Manchester as I would like to become a Fitness Instructor and also help my kids to improve with their athletic performance.

This book follow the subjects that we covered on the course and if you haven't got time etc. to do the course in full, this is an excellent tool to get the information you need to improve the way you think and see things in a more constructive way, and to be able to change the outcome to be that you want it to be. 

Bea, Amazon.co.uk Customer

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  You need to look no further than Jim's book Excel in Sports when it comes to getting motivated to succeed in sports or life. Jim shows you that anything is possible if you stay focused and motivated.  - Andy Paschalidis, Presenter, Sky Sports Radio Australia
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  I would recommend [Excel at Sports] as an easy read for anyone wanting to utilise the NLP techniques in sport.  - Learner, Amazon UK customer
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  [Excel at Sports] is a fantastic read. All of the techniques are very clearly explained.  - Sara Jones, Amazon UK customer
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  This is a great book for anybody in the fitness/sports industry who is looking to get the best results for their team/clients.  - Sally Robyn, Amazon UK Customer
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  Excel at Sports is an excellent tool to get the information you need to improve the way you think and see things in a more constructive way.  - Bea, Amazon.co.uk Customer
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  Brilliant book, would recommend to anyone studying NLP or indeed anyone who is just interested in the subject and wanting to learn more.  - Emma S., Amazon UK Customer
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Matthew Oldfield, Amazon.co.uk Customer

  It has helped me with my personal, working and sporting life.  - Matthew Oldfield, Amazon.co.uk Customer
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  Fantastic! I bought this book really to help with my mental attitude towards sport.  - S. Suthers, Amazon UK Customer
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  Once I finally got it back I really enjoyed the book myself. Easy to understand even for a novice like myself and very interesting.  - N. Blake, Amazon.co.uk Customer
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  This book is excellent. Throughout my 18-year playing career as a professional footballer I used all the techniques mentioned.  - Andy Hill, Former Professional Footballer, Manchester United FC, 1981–1984
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