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From the Author, Silvia Hartmann PhD

  Dear Reader,
Well, you might know me as the cheerful author
of Adventures In EFT. You might have read some of my articles, may have tried
out some of my patterns. You might have heard things about me, and that's
I have done many things over my life time;
some of them I am proud of and others I'm not so proud of. I am quite old now -
43 - and I have worked very hard to make sense of the Universe during all those
many, many years.
As I look back over my life, certain things
stand out; certain achievements, as they do. Guiding star moments involving
people, and sometimes animals, landscapes, nature. I've worked out some really
cool things because I'm a bit of an explorer and a researcher too but there is
one thing which simply eclipses everything else because it is the wellspring
from which everything else stems.
This wellspring is Project
I would like to note this for future
biographers, students and others who will speak on my behalf in the days and
years to follow; they might think that the real big contribution was the Harmony
Programme, Guiding Stars, or perhaps EMO Energy-in-Motion - Silvia Hartmann's e=mc2. You
never know, In Serein might be the one that folk will remember after I'm gone,
but all of that *comes* from somewhere, and where it comes from is not a
childhood full of neglect and abuse, or having been born with this, that and the
other, or having had access to secret magic books that gave me the edge - it
comes from Project Sanctuary.
My least well known book, concerning a
process I have been doing for as long as I can remember, consciously modelled
for the sharing with another - Marilyn Pawson - for the first time in 1989,
finally written down in 1996 after Derek McCarthy said excitedly, "Hey that's
absolutely amazing, you should write a book about that."
At the lowest level, Project Sanctuary is
about building worlds inside your head.
At its highest, it is about making contact
with the Universe beyond yourself and learning directly from the Universe
It is a handbook for the true explorers,
those who want to discover their own potential, their own magic.

I don't advertise it much because there are
not that many people who "get it". A publisher once turned it down on the
grounds that they would rather go with "Relaxing With NLP" which they thought
would be more useful and sell much better. 
Perhaps I have been protective of it too,
being so very powerful and so very personal. 
Perhaps there was a part of me that didn't
want to share if for fear that I would lose the safety to simply outthink anyone
else I'd ever met if others were to do it too. I guess its a trap that masters
fall into sometimes, to keep their best work away from their apprentices so they
can never better them. Either way, I have often over the last 6
years pulled up the original manuscript with a view to expanding it, updating
it, doing something with it beyond spell checking the basic structure I wrote in
1996 when I sought to make Project Sanctuary look and feel non-threatening, easy
and simple, just a little harmless bit of fun, a mind game, nothing special,
really ...
One time, I had a dream. I was standing at a
beachfront, watching two men selling what appeared to be fish from a wooden hut.
For some reason I went around the back and saw to my horror that what they had
there was a huge basket full of mermaids, all dead. They would take the
mermaids, cut off the fish tails and that is what they were selling for few
pence wrapped in newspaper to the line of hungry paupers outside the hut who
didn't see where those fish tails had come from, discarding the top bits of the
beautiful little mermaids human halves in a wire waste basket.

Project Sanctuary was that - a mermaid being
sold for a fish tail for a few pennies.
I've done that quite a bit in the past,
disguising these magical, beautiful things and making them seem ordinary and
nothing much worth having, for what reason I really don't know. But it is time
to stop.
Project Sanctuary is magical. 

It will teach you about your own magic if
you will let it. 
That is what it is and what it was always
about. Not about problem resolution, symptom alleviation, therapy or any such
nonsense - those are fish tails and not even very big or nourishing ones at that
when they are cut off from a mermaid. 
Don't get me wrong. Fish is good and we need
it to survive.
But some of us have hungers that fish can
never alleviate. Some of us hunger for something else as well - perhaps just the
once to actually *see* a live mermaid swimming by swiftly, just so we can know
that magic is real and the world finally comes alive in that moment.

If that is you, then Project Sanctuary is
here if you want it.
I have now updated it and although I have
honoured the original manuscript entirely, the place and state of being from
which it originated, it is much closer now to what it was always to supposed to
be with 16 added sections, patterns and new techniques as well as many additions
and annotations to the original text throughout. I now look forward to the next
volume, which will have no longer any excuses for what it is at all and can go
straight into the full out magical applications and what those mean for
ourselves and for our worlds.
Best wishes,
Silvia Hartmann
Creator, Project Sanctuary 

Silvia Hartmann Creator, Project Sanctuary

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