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Gentle AND Invigorating

Nan Rathjem

  Satisfyingly primitive feeling!  

Nan Rathjem

love the ocean and the narrative, it's very engaging.

1 Zero
as advertised, it helps me find a real balanced place. and a note here, with all of ED2 i find i never feel passive, always engaged, participating.

2 Finding the Rhythm
interesting and effective; it really does pick up and integrate apparently opposing or separate energies. completing and satisfying. (as if 'finally, i don't have to pretend that _____ isn't there'). this is really balancing i find.
3 Forgiveness
i was sure this wouldn't work, not for bad me. however............
really amazing!!!

4 Bless the Garden
if i had to choose a favorite, this would be it. it's lovely. the guitar is wonderful. and again, listening is not at all passive. this track is very gentle AND invigorating.
5 The Sacred Horse
where to begin. i guess like the track get right to it. and never stop, which i find is what i want, - given that there are a few gongs in it i love, that collect and center everything in an instant, so one is ready for more.

6 The Fire Dance
satisfyingly primitive feeling. very energizing.

7 Lightwater
this one took me awhile to warm up to, but then i so did, and i love its profound and subtle depth, -and mine. 

Nan Rathjem

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