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  ET may not make the lame walk again, but it can stop the heartbroken from having a heart attack, or the abuse victim from getting cancer. ET is about helping people to be how they were meant to be before life interferes in it. It is healing the spirit in the way that nothing else can.

Every treatment of the person will not only make a difference to their lives, but to my own. 

Jennine Allen, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

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Alan Bridges http://www.intuitivebridges.com

  We got to a point where she started laughing – something she never does when we are talking about this fear (of panic attacks) of hers.  - Alan Bridges http://www.in tuitivebridges.com
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  The [EmoTrance Practitioner] has an opportunity to make a real difference to their client’s perception of what is possible for them and help them on their way to live a joyous, peaceful and tranquil life.  - Peter Field, Sheffield, GB
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  After exploring numerous energy healing modalities and techniques EmoTrance is the only one with which I have finally made significant shifts in my spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical condition: From heaviness to lightness; from depression to joy.  - Robert, US
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  I can`t imagine how I helped people without knowing EmoTrance.  - Carlos Coto, El Salvador
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  The most exciting thing about EmoTrance is the ease with which all kinds of energy, physical or emotional pain, attitudes, behaviours choose to leave and let the person reclaim their best self.  - Yvette Eastman
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  I’ve been searching for a process that is simple, spiritual, non-invasive, yet powerful and empowering to both the client and the practitioner.  - Mary Cruz, Guam, United States of America
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  [EmoTrance] is healing the spirit in the way that nothing else can.  - Jennine Allen, Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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  I've read 'Oceans of Energy' LOTS of times and I've been trying things out with my clients and with my friends, but this course is really giving me the confidence and the understanding I needed to be able to share this amazing discovery with others.  - Cary Heisenberg, Cologne, Germany
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  What is so exciting about being an [EmoTrance Practitioner] is that it makes healing so easy, and at everybody's hands.  - Susann Forsberg, Hellerup, Danemark
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  I would say to anyone who is thinking about taking this course: Just do it! Even if you never used these skills and techniques with another person it will totally change the way you view your own energy systems, and the world around you.  - Catherine Britcliffe England
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  The EmoTrance Distance Learning course is an essential course of instruction for anyone already practising any therapy classed as Energy Medicine eg homoeopaths, acupuncturists, reflexologists, osteopaths, chiropractors and the like.  - Jyoti Phull, United Kingdom
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  I would recommend the course with all my heart. If anybody is unsure about time and effort I tell them: If you have no time, forget it. But if you have only a few minutes a day and you really want to learn something great, do it.  - Danielle Meier, Switzerland
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  I have recommended some friends to do the EmoTrance Distance Learning practitioner course online as the information online is more useful than a one day course may provide.  - Paul Sheppard, United Kingdom
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  Thanks again for all your help and wonderful mentoring. Each day I seem to learn a little more about this beautiful way of working with energy.  - Rob Bethancourt, United States Of America
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  The results with my clients are stunning. Of course my own life has changed too. 
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  I promise you, you will be rewarded beyond your wildest imagination, beyond your beliefs of what is possible, if you commit to embracing the wisdom of EmoTrance.  - John Staples GoE Trainer
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Kirsten Ivatts, ETDL Student

  These courses each take you deeper into yourself and out the other side into a new and different idea of who you are and what the world and life is all about.  - Kirsten Ivatts, ETDL Student
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Nanouschka de Wilde, Distance Learning Student

  Absolutely go for it.  - Nanouschka de Wilde, Distance Learning Student
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