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I am so pleased with the results

Marion Adams

  My life has changed so much and all for the better!  

Marion Adams

  Thank you so much for using me for a case study for your EFT course, my life has changed so much and all for the better.
Before the sessions my life was chaotic, angry, and not always happy and I had no sense of direction.
That has all changed now and my whole house is calmer and a nicer place to live in. After the first session I was rather sceptical and did not really understand what it was all about. After the 2nd, however, I began to notice a difference in my behaviour and how I reacted to others, especially my husband and daughter.
Arguments are few and far between and I do not snap at people as I used to, and I no longer take every criticism to heart.
I have made plans for the future and now know in which direction I need to be going. I don’t doubt myself all the time and feel much more confident. I did not realise how much negative energy I was holding on to and how it all affected me, but I feel I have let it all go.
I am so pleased with the results that I have decided to take the EFT course myself next year.

Thank you once again for all you have helped me achieve. 

Marion Adams

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