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I Even Thought I Would Die

Martin Kan

  I even thought I would die  

Martin Kan

  Dear Nicola,

I have been having anxiety problems for the past few years over the smallest things that most people won't have problems about, like talking in a social setting, meeting new people, going out onto a social gathering. When I get anxious I would experience shortness of breath, lightheadedness, which would make me more anxious, thus creating a cycle of anxiety and breathlessness.

On one event the cycle of anxiety and breathlessness became so vicious I experienced hyperventilation and had my only panic attack ever, resulting in a trip to the hospital. This was two years ago. The anxiety problem went away for a while after I learnt to be bolder in social settings but it came back recently and it has put me on edge, this time it's different because I am more anxious about my breathing than being in a social setting. I would constantly feel short of breath during the day, sometimes gasping for air after a few flights of stairs, or feeling out of breath while talking to others. The scary thing is I would feel light pains in my heart and chest area and that freaks me out because the fear of chest or heart problems is so consuming. I even thought I would die.

I was going to have my body checked when I came across your site and read your article on Breathing. I followed your technique on deep breathing and I instantly feel very energised and relaxed. I even tried walking up and down the stairs a few times and had no problems doing so anymore! Your techniques worked like a charm. I also realise now that all my panic attack problems, anxiety problems are all related in some way to breathing shallowly in the past. I have taken control back over my life by learning to breath deeply.

Thank You Nicola, your article is wonderful and it has saved my life!


Martin Kan

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