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I felt myself energized and peaceful in my heart

Petra Groschupf, http://FlowingPower.de

  The result with the work of EmoTrance was my spirit painting!  

Petra Groschupf, http://FlowingPower.de

  I am an Artist who creates paintings. One day I wanted to paint a new painting, but I didn't have any ideas for a new picture. So I got the great idea to use EMO Energy-in-Motion for this problem.
First I went into contact with the field of the pure awareness and I found a point in my body and in my thoughtfield. I let it soften and flow.

The next was the creative energy. I felt a shield around me and I let the energy flow through my body. Then I got the message to go into contact with my spiritual guiding. I let this energy flow through my body as well.

The next day I was working with a patient's body. Suddenly pictures came up and I observed the energy transformation. The result with the work of EMO Energy-in-Motion was my spirit painting. Now I get great ideas for my paintings and I know the way to get it them is EMO Energy-in-Motion. Now I do not think when I am painting, I only need to follow the inner impulse and the flow of energy.

After this process I felt myself energized and peaceful in my heart. 

Petra Groschupf, http://FlowingPower.de

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