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I recommend this wonderful book to all!

Salvador Chavez Glez, Mexico

  [Energy EFT] is so interesting that I'm reading it for the second time, and I will¬†read it¬†as many times as I can, in order to nail every word¬†into my head.  

Salvador Chavez Glez, Mexico

  This book come to my life in the right time and the right moment, because I was looking for something special and different, and here it is ENERGY ¬†EFT
I truly enjoyed it and found it a lot different than others books on the same subject. It is so interesting that I'm reading for the second time, and I will read it as many times as I can, in order to nail every word into my head.
The SUE Scale is a tool so valuable that you never go working on your rounds of tapping blind. It keeps you in line with the stress and full of energy, it is so wonderful because your life is always with much energy and free of stress.
Our emotions are so unacceptable and are responsible for us entering into a camp of anger, fear, and make people afraid of themselves and of everybody else. This is true. When we work with EFT, we work with energy system and in the conscious we have a lot of power, a big potential, much hope and a lot of leverage to change many many things, and a wide camp to improve the flow of positive energy as much as we can for the every day.
Many people have encouraging results tapping with EFT for illness and chronic pains, because EFT¬† the dual action of relieving stress and feeling stronger, energized and high appreciated. I can go on and on trying to explain the miracles of EFT and what it starting to do in my own life. No other method of self help did what EFT beginning to do for my health and peace of mind. Thank Silvia Hartmann, now my hearth and soul are yours for ever. I recommend this wonderful book to all humans who wants to¬†hear me. THANK YOU. 

Salvador Chavez Glez, Mexico

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