Teri Howlett, Slough

  I have helped my rescued collie dog overcome panic attacks with Life Without Panic Attacks!  

I am a life coach, EFT practititioner, EMO Energy-in-Motion practitioner, and into touch. I have 2 large rescued dogs. My poor Collie had spent over 2 years in Battersea dogs home. The world is a scary place.
His panic attacks were getting worse, and he was too scared to go out.

I borrowed back Nicola's book "life without panoic attacks, and I suurogate EFT'd the collie for allergy to adrenalin. He is calmer not jumping at every noise and enjoyed a good run around today.

I had previously EFT'd him for being careful with traffic, and myself for not worrying that he would get run over. I run them in a large country park, which ought to be safe, but filming causes traffic where it shouldn't be.

So I very big thankyou to Nicola for her panic attach book, from Me and my dogs.

Teri Howlett, Slough

Martin Kan

  I even thought I would die  

Dear Nicola,

I have been having anxiety problems for the past few years over the smallest things that most people won't have problems about, like talking in a social setting, meeting new people, going out onto a social gathering. When I get anxious I would experience shortness of breath, lightheadedness, which would make me more anxious, thus creating a cycle of anxiety and breathlessness.

On one event the cycle of anxiety and breathlessness became so vicious I experienced hyperventilation and had my only panic attack ever, resulting in a trip to the hospital. This was two years ago. The anxiety problem went away for a while after I learnt to be bolder in social settings but it came back recently and it has put me on edge, this time it's different because I am more anxious about my breathing than being in a social setting. I would constantly feel short of breath during the day, sometimes gasping... Read Full Review

Martin Kan

Phil Mollon - Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist.
Head of Psychology and Psychotherapy Services,
Lister Hospital, Stevenage

  A real solution for those who suffer from panic and anxiety.  

In this wonderful book, Nicola Quinn describes how new discoveries about the
human energy system enable rapid, easy and gentle recovery from anxiety states
and other emotional problems. She tells her own inspiring story of how she
herself recovered from panic attacks using these methods.

Many people experience panic attacks and phobic anxieties at certain periods of
life. These are really very common – and can be extremely disabling and
distressing. Often the sufferer will conceal the extent of the problem because
of feelings of shame. Effective help is not always easily available. Counselling
and other purely talk-based therapies are unlikely to resolve the problem. Drugs
may only mask the symptoms. Many forms of cognitive and behavioural therapy aim
to persuade the person gradually to face the situations... Read Full Review

Phil Mollon - Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist. Head of Psychology and Psychotherapy Services, Lister Hospital, Stevenage