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Love EFT: A Fantastic Tool, A Phenomenal Book

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Daniella Blechner, UK

  Love EFT is a phenomenal book.  

Daniella Blechner, UK

  Silvia Hartman lovingly guides us through the process of tapping into our inner power in order for us to welcome love back in. Everyone deserves to be loved and to experience love and this book is a stark reminder that everything in our outer lives is a reflection of our inner world, or in this case, energetic system.

As you turn each page, there is a distinct feeling of being cherished and guided through humour, wit and science, to acknowledge our own power and positivity inside.

Positive EFT is a fantastic tool to both increase the energy flow and bring in anything that we desire and have blocked in our past. I thoroughly enjoy reading books that leave me feeling empowered and this is certainly one of them.

Create the relationship you want, restore love into your life and feel positive about it without having to arduously examine where the issue or blockage arose in the first place.

Now that is what I call empowered! Right I'm off to tap! 

Daniella Blechner, UK

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