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Anne K
London, UK

  That was just MARVELLOUS - so THANK you very much for being in my kitchen and helping me pack :-)  

Anne K London, UK

  I am not sure if this is how you are supposed to use HypnoDreams, but this was such a wonderful (and helpful) experience, I wanted to share it with you.

I had to move house recently. Although full of good intentions, I found myself well after midnight with all of the kitchen still to be packed up, and the moving company would be there at 7am the next morning. I was tired and distressed, physically worn out, but it had to be done.

Then I had the idea of putting "Freedom" on the CD player in the kitchen. I just wanted to take my mind of being so tired and my back and neck aching. I don't know what happened but when it stopped about an hour later, the boxes were all packed and I don't even remember doing it - AND I felt FINE!

That was just MARVELLOUS - so THANK you very much for being in my kitchen and helping me pack :-) 

Anne K London, UK

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Jashmuna Sabine Nebal, MindPowerJewels

  To me, Silvia's work is like a unique precious flower in an enchanted garden.  - Jashmuna Sabine Nebal, MindPowerJewels
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  The client liked it so much, I ordered her a copy of Freedom to take home so she could play it when she needed it.  - Stephan Brooks New York
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  Right from the start I knew this was different to all the many hypnosis tapes and CDs I have tried - there is something DIFFERENT about this, how it sounds, how it feels but mostly how I feel.  - Sven K Sweden
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  Here you have a unique and united experience, where words and music interweave and support each other seamlessly – the HypnoDreams experience.  - Steve Cook Boston, USA
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  There's something about these HypnoDreams that feels completely right, like a food that nourishes not because it contains a bunch of good elements, but because of its felt sense of integrity.  - Karen Robinson, NY US
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  I salute the production team, the singer and the music creator/s and most of all, Silvia Hartmann herself for bringing such an extraordinary creation to the world, and to me.  - Ray Jameston, CH. ABH
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  That was just MARVELLOUS - so THANK you very much for being in my kitchen and helping me pack :-)  - Anne K London, UK
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  As I work with your materials, I realize that we are working differently. As if regular hypnosis or other reprogramming techniques are not taking into consideration 'all of ourselves'.  - Yvonne Florida
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Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

  HypnoDreams are powerful healing dreams which restore the inner harmony and experiences of re-alignment and expansion.  - Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels
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  I started to listen to 'Child in the Meadow' and was so astonished by the beauty of your words, the poetry, the imagery, that I knew immediately, this time I found a precious jewel, a shining star.  - Annette Hormann - Artist - France
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