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F. Miller - Amazon.com customer

  Going Up and Up on The Healing High Rise Elevator  

Going Up and Up on The Healing High Rise Elevator I find that as we advance on the EFT highway of happiness passing through the golden arches of increasing emotional freedom and emotional fitness we continually find tapping to be easier faster more effective and fun that is because Silvia added deep relaxing breathing at each tap each deep relaxing breath gives us more chi or energy to play with more energy to achieve emotional freedom and emotional fitness!!

F. Miller - Amazon.com customer

Gonini, United Kingdom

  The SUE Scale bookmark is brilliant, as it is concise and laminated, so very durable. It is very visual and has all the information on there for quick reference. You can carry it with you in bag, briefcase, your car or use it as a bookmark in any book.  

There so much to say about this book. Here is sort summary that I hope you will find useful. I find the layout of the book very pleasing and easy to follow. It has a nice print and this varies throughout the book, making it easy to remember information in general as well as locating it within the book at a later date.

All the information is broken down in lots of easy to follow sections and the use of bullet points makes key points easy to remember. I particularly like the little bold ![attention] summaries, making you take notice about what you have just read. These little summaries are also brilliant for quick reference and very easy to spot, if you want to quickly check something.

The other very helpful sections in the book to me are the example 'set ups' known in the book as Freedom Spells, as well as the list of Positive Energy Forms able to tap on. Sometimes you just need a little... Read Full Review

Gonini, United Kingdom

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