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  Great testimonials for GoE Trainer Isaac Lim's most recent training in Malaysia. 'Great Course', 'Great for Life', 'Very Simple', Amazing possibilities', 'Powerful'. Click to read more...  

Trainer Isaac Lim - Attendee Testimonials

  Trainer Isaac Lim - Attendee Testimonials:

‘I have been to EEFT Level 1 and 2 and I have found Modern Energy Tapping to be even more powerful in helping me achieve a SUE of 10++. I am really happy with the MET course and will go for the Master Energy EFT as well.’ - Lina Maharon ( IT Engineer)

‘It was an amazing journey of possibilities. Not needing to go into the story (of my issue) helped me focus on what I needed and wanted in a situation - with just that and the guidance from Isaac, the issues dissolved and am feeling renewed and refreshed. Easy to do, Easy to follow and Easy to take home to do!’ – Rani Kaur (Educationist)

‘Trainer is amazingly very skilful and he is great. Love his teaching skills.’ – Angaleesvary

‘Energy is very simple and fun to work with and it doesn’t go with the normal logical thinking that we used to understand. But energy is for sure existing whether we know it, understand it or master it.’ – Kuo Lee Ling (Beautician)

‘It is a great course. Very helpful in my daily life and on how to manage my stress. It is a great tool to have in life.’ –Christine Chari (Software Consultant)

‘Very interesting and eye-opening. The techniques worked very well and with immediate effect. Great for life. Two thumbs up.’ – Eric Chan (Software Consultant) 

Trainer Isaac Lim - Attendee Testimonials

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