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Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

  [Magic, Spells & Potions] is written in Dr. Hartmann's typical logical, step-by-step manner, with a touch of humor added in. I highly recommend it.  

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

  This book puts a whole new face on "magic". It is magic for modern people living today and does not consider old tales and versions of magic. It is excellent for people who are new to magic as well as for various practitioners of magic, who are open-minded and love trying out new approaches. I bought this book because I have read other books from this author and find her to be incredibly inspiring. She is able to come up with new approaches and ways of doing and saying things that make sense of the energy and magical aspects of life. This book is completely free of old concepts and ideas about magic and brings a refreshing new perspective on magic as a normal part of human potential.

Dr. Hartmann emphasizes how important it is to stay light and open when you work with magic. Be like a child and have fun with it, keep working at it and be delighted in it. She takes you right out of all the old associations and fears that our society has surrounded magic with and makes it clear, logical and simple. She teaches you to be calm, clear, focus and grounded so that your magic will work - and to be absolutely clear about what it is you are trying to achieve. You need a single powerful vision as the outcome for your magic. She goes over a multitude of ways of seeking advice, setting better targets, understanding yourself better and to know that something is absolutely right for you, which she calls magical certainty.

A large part of the book describes what Dr. Hartmann calls The Genius Symbols - a set of symbols she has created to make up a sort of divination tool, somewhat similar to Tarot cards in function. With this deck (which you make yourself) you can get insights, ask questions etc. The biggest difference about The Genius Symbols is that there are no negative symbols, unlike e.g. the Tarot.

The focus throughout the book is always on stepping into and connecting with the energy realm and let our answers and visions come from there. The book is very user-friendly and anyone who truly wants to learn can do so easily by following the steps. The book is written in Dr. Hartmann's typical logical, step-by-step manner, with a touch of humor added in. I highly recommend it. 

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

Magic, Spells and Potions
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