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Oceans of Energy - Let your emotions flow

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

  [Oceans of Energy] takes you into the wonderful world of invisible energy in such a way that you really feel it.  

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

  This book introduces EMO Energy-in-Motion, which is an energy psychology healing technique. It takes you into the wonderful world of invisible energy in such a way that you really feel it. The author describes the energy world in such a way that it comes alive to you. She gives countless exercises for you to experience the energy world on your own. You don't have to take her word for it.

It is also the book that goes with the EMO Energy-in-Motion practitioner's course. Whether or not you want to learn to do EMO Energy-in-Motion professionally, this book is a great tool that shows you how to use this Energy Psychology technique for yourself and others. I bought this book because I had come across the EMO Energy-in-Motion website and was curious to learn more. Reading this book made me sign up for the course itself because here was something that actually worked.

The book first introduces the concept of the energy system from Silvia Hartmann's point of view - the way we actually experience it individually as opposed to how others tell us it looks and works. It shows you in very practical hands-on terms how to work with EMO Energy-in-Motion and feel the difference for yourself. It teaches you how to let energy run through you purposely, how to work with things you are afraid of and therefore shield you from. The book also includes a lot of actual case stories of real people's experience with EMO Energy-in-Motion.

EMO Energy-in-Motion treats all those body sensations we have like the anger in the stomach, the lump in the throat, the fear in my belly. All those things we feel in our body well knowing that there is no physical cause for them. EMO Energy-in-Motion teaches you to soften and flow these energy disturbances and I have to admit that the results blew me away.

There are so many healing modalities out there, all of them promising healing and a happier life. EMO Energy-in-Motion was the first thing I ever came across that actually delivered. I highly recommend this book. 

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Customer

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