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Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

  Greatly Improves the Energy System and Psychic Circuitry  

Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

  One of my favorites is, The Appollonius Quartet. This is a set of four hypno-sessions, for Improving Psychic Skills, Paranormal Abilities with Energy Hypnosis. "Para"normal abilities are in fact very natural abilities, buried by centuries of imbalance, belief of lack, destiny, worry etc.

There is a lot of stuff out there promising to help you develop such skills, and I would not recommend or use most of them because spiritual evolution cannot be gained by so-called supernatural skills that just serve to boost the ego.

However, cleansing our channels and healing our energy system is essential for receiving clarity and guidance by our Higher Self. True psychic skills are a result of releasing shields and blockages, and clear communication between our neurology, energy system and psychic circuitry.

Appollonius Quartet improves all these aspects. 

Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

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The Appollonius Quartet
EFT Self-Help Course

  I am happy to offer a wholehearted recommendation for The Appollonius Quartet.  - Alan Bridges- Psychic Bridges
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Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

  Greatly Improves the Energy System and Psychic Circuitry  - Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels
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  I believe that we are all born with innate sixth sense abilities  - Annon.
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Leia Heartweaver via Facebook

  Just wanted to say how much I still enjoy using the Apollonius Quartet audios. I've had them for two years and I occasionally feel moved to let them do their magic on me. Listening to them again always renews my appreciation for the work you do.  - Leia Heartweaver via Facebook
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  I recently bought the Appollonius Quartet and am delighted with the results  - Sonia, Germany
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