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Steve Cook
Boston, USA

  Here you have a unique and united experience, where words and music interweave and support each other seamlessly – the HypnoDreams experience.  

Steve Cook Boston, USA

  As I write this in January 2005, mp3 music downloads have just overtaken actual CD sales in shops for the first time. It was a while coming, but now the music download revolution is here and you can now instantly download any music of your choosing for adding to your play list, or playing on an ipod or portable mp3 player.

Instant downloads appeal to me; they are convenient, inexpensive and well… instant. At the click of your mouse you can have anything you want to hear delivered to your hard drive – right here, right now - when you want to hear it.

Some of my favourite downloads come from very the forward thinking HypnoDreams Team, whose impressive catalogue for personal support, deep relaxation, meditation, sleep, healing, or pure delightful creative adventures, is now available by high quality mp3 download.

The recent additions of the HypnoSolutions to their already impressive list means that you can literally go there and choose a specific audio solution, download it there and then and begin to benefit immediately from having it with you wherever you go on a portable audio device.

I have purchased several of their tracks and I am more than impressed. I have them in their own unique folder on my ipod and at a flick of the menu wheel I can be instantly transported into the experience of my choice, which is a very useful and enjoyable thing indeed.

The HypnoDreams motto is “real solutions for real people” and they stand by their word. The spoken journeys, by Master Hypnotist and Storyteller Silva Hartmann, are enticing and evocative, beautifully delivered and intimately spoken; and are seamlessly supported by the sound-scapes of fellow Hypnotist and composer Ananga Sivyer.

I am amazed by the mood shifts I have experienced with the titles available from this unique duo – from deep relaxation and relief from anxiety to extreme motivation, the HypnoDreams carry you where you want to go, they never dictate or push or pull, they are always respectful of you the listener.

I have never before encountered a duo like Hartmann & Sivyer who are both respected authors, innovators and contributors to the field of Energy Psychology, both healers and both hypnotists – it is apparent that they both work very closely together, and the end results of their collaboration is so very far from the sine waves and programmed synthesized patterns of many hypnosis products or the employment of a professional musician with no real understanding of what is being spoken being employed to provide music for a given project.

Here you have a unique and united experience, where words and music interweave and support each other seamlessly – the HypnoDreams experience.

Their latest album, Freedom, has just been released. You can visit them at: www.HypnoDreams.org for a free full track download from the album. My personal favorite from this excellent collection of journeys is “Forward to the New” which is apt considering the availability now of these state of the art experiences for the new state of the art portable audio market.

Highly recommended! 

Steve Cook Boston, USA

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Jashmuna Sabine Nebal, MindPowerJewels

  To me, Silvia's work is like a unique precious flower in an enchanted garden.  - Jashmuna Sabine Nebal, MindPowerJewels
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  The client liked it so much, I ordered her a copy of Freedom to take home so she could play it when she needed it.  - Stephan Brooks New York
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  Right from the start I knew this was different to all the many hypnosis tapes and CDs I have tried - there is something DIFFERENT about this, how it sounds, how it feels but mostly how I feel.  - Sven K Sweden
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  Here you have a unique and united experience, where words and music interweave and support each other seamlessly – the HypnoDreams experience.  - Steve Cook Boston, USA
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  There's something about these HypnoDreams that feels completely right, like a food that nourishes not because it contains a bunch of good elements, but because of its felt sense of integrity.  - Karen Robinson, NY US
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  I salute the production team, the singer and the music creator/s and most of all, Silvia Hartmann herself for bringing such an extraordinary creation to the world, and to me.  - Ray Jameston, CH. ABH
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  That was just MARVELLOUS - so THANK you very much for being in my kitchen and helping me pack :-)  - Anne K London, UK
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  As I work with your materials, I realize that we are working differently. As if regular hypnosis or other reprogramming techniques are not taking into consideration 'all of ourselves'.  - Yvonne Florida
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Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels

  HypnoDreams are powerful healing dreams which restore the inner harmony and experiences of re-alignment and expansion.  - Jashmuna Sabine Nebel, MindPowerJewels
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  I started to listen to 'Child in the Meadow' and was so astonished by the beauty of your words, the poetry, the imagery, that I knew immediately, this time I found a precious jewel, a shining star.  - Annette Hormann - Artist - France
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