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Carna Zacharias-Miller, <a class="moz-txt-link-abbreviated"

  I fell in love with [The Genius Symbols] book when it was brand new, and I love it even more now.  

Carna Zacharias-Miller, www.MessagesFromYourSoul.com

  Silvia Hartmann pulled out all the stops in the second edition to immerse the reader fully into the magic of Project Sanctuary. Highly creative and innovative as she always is, Silvia offers a staggering amount of ideas how to use the Genius Symbols, and every idea in itself has seeds of new applications.

Just picking a single game from the myriad of possibilities offered can make a huge difference in your life. I randomly chose the one on p.144 that asks to be taken to an aspect (younger self in my case) that would solve a problem in my current life with X. I reached an amazing threshold shift.

While being practical and therapeutic in many ways, this book is playful, light, and a pleasure to read.

Forever new frontiers... 

Carna Zacharias-Miller, www.MessagesFromYourSoul.com

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