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Birgit Hueckel, Germany

  With Positive EFT and Love EFT Silvia gives us something wonderful and precious to work with  

Birgit Hueckel, Germany

  LOVE EFT is absolutely great. It was so fascinating to learn more about the different "aspects" of love.

To read and to think about these aspects opened doors inside, helped me to get a different point of view and a better understanding of other people.
But to be honest - it makes me think about the way I love or better said how I "think about - feel - live" love.

There is a lot of work to do with POSITIVE EFT and LOVE EFT Silvia gives us something wonderful and precious to work with.

Especially in a time when most people are focussed on negative things. And to work with positive energy is much more fun than always complaining and always thinking who I can blame for my misery. 

Birgit Hueckel, Germany

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