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Positive EFT - My power is back!

Annonymous Positive EFT User

  My power is back, the battery recharged!  

Annonymous Positive EFT User

  After 5 months of my partner being in hospital with so many stresses which go with that I have been feeling completely washed out, emotionally exhausted. My power to do anything but eat rest and sleep had gone. I could feel it as a complete blockage in my core. But I couldnt manage to do anything to help myself and had no power for getting back to work. Life felt so difficult for so long. Even coming to do the session was hard to face. Feeling positive seemed distant and unachievable.

In our session, I was a bit sceptical about how +EFT (Postive EFT) could help, without looking at or tackling the stresses and events of the last months, in particular the most recent events of high stress. But I went along with the process so we began.
In answer to the questions :
What do I need to make things better?
What is the solution to how Im feeling right now?
What do I need more of?
My answer was : Ease, Easiness

So we tapped for : 'I want more Ease'
We measured how much Ease I had. It was a -5.

As I tapped with my practitioner, it felt so hard to do and alot of emotion came, up, tears flowed down my cheeks, but we kept the focus on 'Ease' 'I want more Ease' in my life'

After a round, a small shift had happened. I was at -3 now. It still felt like a long way to go. But i was ready to do another +EFT round on 'More Ease'. Still emotional, more tears releasing and feeling of things starting to shift in my core. Finished on -1 but this time it felt like something really significant had shifted. Though I still had a long way to go to reach true feeling of Ease in my life, I knew the underlying blockage had now really shifted. It was a case of now increasing the positive.

Another round on 'I want more Ease than this' My practitioner suggested I ask to have it come faster. That sounded like a good idea so we tapped for:
'I want more Ease and I want it Now' commanding the Ease to come.

Immediately that shifted the energy forwards and made us laugh and I reached a +3 and actually started to feel quite bright, for the first time in a long time, I could smile and laugh and was most impressed with our progress so far, and really quite surprised.

It felt good to take a short break to drink and eat something and get some sunshine and then we resumed the session. I was definitely a +3-4 in Ease now.

Tapping rounds started to get more fun:
'I want even more Ease in my life than this and I want it now'
'I want every aspect of my life to be full of Ease'
'I want Ease for my partner's health recovery, Ease for my work, Ease for earning what we need to carry us through, Ease for everything in our life'

I was up to a +5-6 but wanted to even more Ease:

'I want this to the be start off a new era of Ease in my life'
'The old era of difficult is gone'
'Money flows to me with Ease'
'I am astonished at how Easy everything in life has become'
'Its now an Easy life and Im delighted and grateful for all this Easiness in all areas of my life'

I now felt really great, was laughing bright and energised.
We tested the results:
I considered the past 5 months and recent high stress events: it no longer felt current or emotional or weighing me down.
I considered getting back to work : it felt Easy !! I laughed and was delighted.

We discussed the question of would this energy state last? and what could I do to maintain this state?

I chose a +EFT set up statement I could use to top up my energy at any time:
'I want maximum Ease in everything in my life and I want it right now' and a round of EFT.

Its already the day after as I write this. And I still feel good. My power is back, the battery recharged.

Thanks to my Positive EFT Practitioner for accompanying me in this session. I am really quite surprised and impressed that we didnt have to focus on stressful events and the real trauma's that had wiped out my energy. My flow is good again and I have a +EFT prescription for keeping it in flow from now as my new era of Ease has begun Smile 

Annonymous Positive EFT User

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