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Maximilian Baumgart From Germany

  It is such a pleasure and so refreshing!  

Maximilian Baumgart From Germany

  I really like a lot of the tracks on Heart Healing, but the one I listen to almost daily because it is such a pleasure and so refreshing, so enlivening and breathing and refreshing is Morning Light.

I just can't get enough of this one, it's so very powerful and elemental, I've watched the sun rise as often as I could myself and it really catches the magic of that ever-moving cascade of shifting moving lights and hues and colours and clouds and moods and how ever-so-swiftly then the sun always rises and you can't even tell when it began or ended exactly and when you don't pay attention it seems still and not moving but in fact it is ... it's just a metaphor for so many things and especially the simple truth that each day, each sunset, each second, each meeting, each moment, each experience is unique and history in fact never repeats itself and never did once in all the millenia.

Thank you for this sunrise invocation, Silvia. It's really powerful and moving in every sense.

What a wonder, such an awe ...

This is what a proper church mess could be about, with the organ and everything. 

Maximilian Baumgart From Germany

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