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Powerful yet enjoyable, relaxing and always very engaging!

Alan Bridges- Psychic Bridges

  I am happy to offer a wholehearted recommendation for The Appollonius Quartet.  

Alan Bridges- Psychic Bridges

  I believe that we are all born with innate sixth sense abilities. Unfortunately, our society doesn’t encourage us to use them. In fact, we are told even as children that it’s not real unless it can be seen and touched. It’s sad but true that too many of us shut down and repress this very natural part of ourselves forever.

For those of us who have the determination and courage to develop ourselves to our fullest potential, the journey can be lonely and frustrating to say the least. But the rewards are so rich that it truly is worth the effort. And so, I am always on the look out for tools and techniques to assist in self-development.

As you’ll know from my writings at IntuitiveBridges, we are beings of energy as much as we are beings of matter. As the blood courses so does the energy flow. Just as we must ensure that our physical systems are functioning, so too do we have to take care of and tend to our energy systems.

If you are developing and working with intuition and clairvoyance, then you’ll appreciate that it’s essential that any injuries, shields or blocks in our psychic circuitry are healed. (You might say that our psychic circuitry is the energetic equivalent to our neurological systems.) And this is where The Appollonius Quartet comes in.

The Appollonius Quartet is a set of energy hypnotic inductions that any serious energy worker or metaphysical student should have in their toolbox. The tracks are powerful yet enjoyable, relaxing and always very engaging. Personally, I am so glad to have found them and use them on a regular basis – with what I am proud to say are excellent results.

Too few of us appreciate the importance of the psychic circuitry not just to our intuition and creativity but to spiritual development and our soul’s journey. As with all the other products offered through DragonRising Publishing, we can feel safe and secure with Silvia Hartmann’s expertise and gentle hand of guidance in the energy hypnosis and healing of The Appollonius Quartet.

I am happy to offer a wholehearted recommendation for The Appollonius Quartet.

Special advanced features of The Appollonius Quartet include:

* Post-hypnotic suggestions to boost psychic ability and performance
* Vocal transformation – like nothing you’ve ever heard before!
* Powerful energy inductions
* Hemispheric integration using sonic balancing algorithms

I can't live without it!

Alan Bridges- http://psychicbridges.com 

Alan Bridges- Psychic Bridges

The Appollonius Quartet
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