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The most profound and amazing EFT and energy experience in my life

Ilka Wandel, Alicante, Spain

  [The Energy EFT Master Practitioner distance learning course] was the most profound and amazing EFT and energy experience in my life.  

Ilka Wandel, Alicante, Spain

  If I am sincere, I need to tell this was the most profound and amazing EFT and energy experience in my life. With such an elegance Silvia Hartmann rises EFT to a clear structured science of the third field. But the biggest gift and most beautiful experience was the personal development, absolutely life changing!

Already the basic Level was exciting, because it was developing a new conscience about Energy work with EFT and the Third Field, which is exactly what the (EFT-) World needed. How clear EFT works and how fascinating is the live like energist, beyond the zeropoint (0 point = where we feel alight). Maybe this is only for people comprehensible, who was experiencing how it feels to improve the energy level until a real Healing Event.
To point out 2 things which have been life changing for my self in the basic Level, has been the work with Energy body stress, by discovering how Energy body stress causes physical stress through the medium of emotions. The importance of stress is clearly underrated, and the De- Stressing methods are an amazing way to build a stress free Path into a problem and to evolve it painless. To avoid tapping on stress talk allows me to give more efficient EFT sessions.

The introduction in the specificity of Energywork with EFT, the deep structure of energy disturbance and how to use the EFT story protocol like indicator of specific Energy disturbance, was essential to lead an structured EFT treatment and to save more time. I learned to appreciate „little things„ like to work in the EFT-Team which gives so big advantages.

The list what I need to become a really professional I think is not only for beginners helpful.

The intermediate level for me was really mindblowing! Focusing on the EnegyBody gave me a completely new perspective, about how to work with a person. Working with specific memories was bringing a structured and logical path to get to the heart of the problem, by fixing Energy body memories in the correct space and time, without being disturbed by irrelevant emotions.

I was fascinated by the idea of the EFTBodyprotokoll which shows that the energy system remembers everything on the level of the Energy body, even though the data is just like sensation, feeling or emotion available and allows “Secret therapy”.

The Aspect Model I would call one of the most outstanding ideas ever, which opens the doors to specific and focused interventions and set ups. It is directing energy and attention at the right place in space and time and gives a tremendous conscious control over our experiences with any memory or autogenic experiences, avoiding abreactions. To work with the aspect model and multiple timelines opened me the way to never before existing possibilities. By using the proxy tapping with the aspect model, I remarked the general power of proxy tapping and I included the "proxy“ like life skill to help other people in distance, with surprising results.

Reading Emotions (Emotions are only energy, corresponding exactly to specific energetic injuries and blockages) correctly and sensing energy was bringing me to a more and more intuitive, but even more specific way to work, because I was able to feel the whole person, and to develop my sixth sense. The sixth sense takes informations from the energy level and brings it like an own language through the physically in the form of sensations, feelings and emotions.

A big gift for me was the concept of energy body events and to understand all this specificity in people problems and how they came into being. Absolutely motivating was that each EFT treatment has an Healing Event available, which is the most powerful Event. To spot an guiding star and to work with Forensic EFT( to find the generic event and the heard of the problem) was one of the most exciting experiences, showing again that aspects and Events are structural realities in the energy system, with the need to be set free and rescued.

This very natural way of working correctly with the structure of the energy system was taking me from the “EFT of words” and “random tapping”, to the real world of energy and is making me feel like a real energist. And that is, what we actually really are!

The advanced level was really incredible, it started by how beliefs come into being as side effect of an Energy Event, Metabeliefs like genesis of concient beliefs which are forming our individual rules (beliefs, values, attitudes) of Life as results of energy body events, which we can evolve with an unknown ceiling. So we are able to install beliefs for the client by creating Healing Events, or eliminating powerful reversals by healing limiting bodybeliefs. Of course the holographic beliefs, forensic EFT applied to believes and the cleaning of keywords with the healing effect of events and event echoes were bringing a new perspective.

The work with entity was showing me that there are problems they cannot be solved unless we take the relationship to energetic entities into consideration, which are stored in our Energy system. People create all the time energetic relationships to everything, means they go in relationships with concepts, ideas, illness, invisible friends.....to work with entities is a logic and tremendous important thing, because it changes the focus of the healing intention and opens infinite possibilities.
My absolute favourite way to work is:“The work in the autogenic universe.“ For me this is the place in space and time where real healing happens, because there are energy mind and conscious mind aligned, and we can use there all available skills and tools , and this in such a beautiful and joyful way.

Now for me a new exciting journey starts, I know each person/client will be a gift of love and learning for myself, and like master practitioner and energist it is my duty to bring the maximum of energy flow and Love to each treatment. Love is perfect attention and connection.

Love is perfect energy and the ultimate healing. To give Love and the conscience that here is no ceiling of healing or developing, forms a new part of my mission.

This course was opening me infinite doors to a new universe of healing, because I understood, all is about energy. Everything is stored in our Energy Body in a very logic and structured way and if I change the structure in the Energy Body it is possible to change all problems. There is no ceiling for healing or personal development, it is just energy. I think this is an historic moment, not only for the world of EFT, because Silvia Hartmann presents with EnergyEFT how our Energy system is structured and how to work with it in a logic and structured way. Changing and Healing is taken from random to systematic and logic work in Love. I think this is really revolutionary. Thank you EFT and thank you Silvia, this is really worldchanging. Thank you! 

Ilka Wandel, Alicante, Spain

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