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Project Sanctuary - Simply fantastic

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Custoer

  There is something about [Project Sanctuary] that makes me feel like a squealing 5-year old who just got the best toy ever for Christmas.  

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Custoer

  This book will teach you how to create a conscious connection with your subconscious mind, or energy mind, as the author calls it. Reading this book and doing the exercises, which Silvia Hartmann calls "playing a game", touched me in a way nothing else ever has. There is something about this that makes me feel like a squealing 5-year old who just got the best toy ever for Christmas.

The book gives you step by step directions for how to create a Sanctuary in your own mind - a place you can go to solve problems, try out scenarios before you do something in real life, play out a dream to understand it better as well as just have plain old fun and ride on dragons in mystical landscapes. You can have imaginary conversations with a dead parent, or your current partner - anything you like. This is all about creating an inner world for YOU.

But it's not just some fantasy that your conscious mind creates. It is an interplay between your conscious and your subconscious mind. You will learn to communicate with your subconscious in its own language - not by analyzing it but by immersing yourself in it. Like learning a new language by moving to another country and immersing yourself in the culture. The whole thing is done in a very structured, organized way which made me feel safe doing it. The author suggests a long list of places you can explore in your mind. One very simple technique that she describes involves seeing your life as a metaphor and then she goes on to explain how you may be able to improve your life by improving the metaphor. I loved that one.

This book like no other has brought the sense of magic back into my life. If someone asked me which one book I'd take with me if I were stranded on a deserted island - Project Sanctuary would be it! 

Susan Weaver, Amazon USA Custoer

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