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PSDL Masters - One of the best experiences of my life to date

Margarita Foley

London, England

  Having just completed the first Distance Learning Course with Silvia Hartmann I can say it is one of the best experiences of my life to date.  

Margarita Foley London, England

  Project Sanctuary for me is magic of the best kind. I have always been attracted to the word Sanctuary as a place where I can be free and safe and where I can lie in the sun and do nothing if I want. So I was very excited to hear I could be part of the first Distance Learning Course with Silvia Hartmann.

I knew already what a ‘magic’ lady Silvia is. She has the ability to help us discover the wonders hidden deep in the world around us. She can take a stone in the road and enable us to see worlds we would never normally think of entering.

From the very first unit of the course I was delighted and knew that I could be totally who I am. I could bring my life and my experiences into Sanctuary and be free to be and create and heal and find whatever it is I want to create here. Through each unit I was brought to a new place within myself. I began to see the power of allowing my mind and heart the freedom to be together and do all and everything I deeply desired.

There were some things I found I would never dreamed of doing by myself but under the skilful design of the course I was led through each step into deeper and deeper discoveries. As a person who deeply believes in the energy connection between everything Project Sanctuary serves to convince me of the reality of this.

For me my faith life has gone ahead in leaps and bounds. As a Catholic I am able to enter into the scriptures today and experience the same excitement as the people of old. In Sanctuary I can meet all kinds of people who help me with my own healing and with healing the hurts of the world and the environment. It is so real and so exciting I want everyone to learn it. It makes such a difference to my life and I am convinced that it is a gift given so that more of us can use the powers that are given to each of us to transform our world and make it a happier place.

Having just completed the first Distance Learning Course with Silvia Hartmann I can say it is one of the best experiences of my life to date.

My joy now is in working with other people who are finding how absolutely wonderful using Project Sanctuary is to enter into their deepest desires and ‘see’ how it is possible to bring them into being. 

Margarita Foley London, England

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