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So Much Information in Adventures in EFT Review by Wendy Scott

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  Dear Alex,

Thank you, definitely, most pleased. I am 'glued' to the Adventures in EFT book at present there is so much information in it, it's wonderful.

Many Thanks, 

Wendy Scott

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  I have a sincere gratitude to Silvia for giving me my life back, that may sound melodramatic, but it's how I feel.  - Sue Susan Forshaw
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Karen Curry Author "EFT For Parents" http://www.joyfulmission.com

  If you only have time to read one EFT book in your life, this is the one!  - Karen Curry Author "EFT For Parents" http://www.j oyfulmission.com
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  I am telling every therapist even remotely interested in energy therapy that they MUST order [Adventures in EFT] because it is clearly the best book written on EFT to date.  - Patricia Carrington, Ph.D.
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Gary Craig, Originator Emotional Freedom Techniques TM

  You and I should send Silvia Hartmann a basket filled with gratitude for bringing EFT to life on these pages.  - Gary Craig, Originator Emotional Freedom Techniques TM
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  Adventures in EFT makes it easy for anyone to learn not just the technique but how you do it properly and everyone should read it.  - Samantha Roberts, UK
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  After reading Adventures in EFT and putting the skills to use, I have greatly improved my own practice.  - Joseph Bennette, MRET, DCH, PhD
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Dr Michael Millett, Elevated Therapy International

  Learn EVERYTHING You Ever Wanted To Know About EFT  - Dr Michael Millett, Elevated Therapy International
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  I am 'glued' to Adventures In EFT  - Wendy Scott
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Ed Grimshaw NLP Master Trainer, Society For NLP GoE Trainer, The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies

  A fabulous book and an outstanding contribution.  - Ed Grimshaw NLP Master Trainer, Society For NLP GoE Trainer, The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies
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  I wish I'd read 'Adventures in EFT' when I first learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques.  - Bronwen Stimpert
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  EFT is probably one of the simplest yet most profound self development tools around today and 'Adventures in EFT' gives you the reader the necessary insight and advice to use it to improve the quality of your life and to keep the changes.  - Tom Bolton, Author
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  This is the definitive book ever written about EFT.  - Chrissie Hardisty CHAMT, MACH, MBHA, MNCH
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  I give EFT workshops and would like to be including a book, so have been looking at a few book possibilities. I like Adventures in EFT the best.  - Sharon Sharpe-Demarte
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  Simple, concise, workable and working.  - Mary Anders
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  I just finished your ebook on EFT and loved every page.  - Dean, Australia
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  I have recently read Adventures in EFT and am fascinated by the concept...  - Irene
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  I'm over the moon I bought it!!  - Julie, London
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  Thank you for your wonderful book called adventures in EFT. It is so much clearer that any other material.  - George J
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  Best book on EFT there is.  - Martin Evans
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  Adventures in EFT is wonderful!  - Noelle
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