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So Pleased With Author Coaching


  I am so pleased that I pursued the Author Coaching opportunity when it presented itself to me.  


  Thanks Silvia,

It's ever so nice to receive such positive feedback, such as what you've written below, thank you very much indeed. Particularly for someone in my position that hasn't been involved in a literary project on such a scale beforehand, of which at times, can leave one absolutely scatter brained in the process.

Without receiving such unbiased interactive feedback from an experienced and proficient source, one could easily lose themselves in the Art and Science of the creativity processes involved. This combined with being able to ask questions about any grey areas that arise from time to time, is without a doubt a most comforting, supporting and stabilising mechanism to have in place indeed.

This includes experiencing such moments as writer's Block (where my
mindscape, at present has taken an advanced holiday instead, and
understandably so too..........) to those moments where it flows freely but sounds like dribble instead.

For this reason, I am so pleased that I pursued the Author Coaching
opportunity when it presented itself to me, otherwise I wouldn't have
proceeded past chapter one at all, where I wouldn't have arrived at this point in my life either. But more importantly still, my desire to fulfil my dream would have most likely been snuffed out altogether instead.

Thank you once again for absolutely everything in the Past, Present and Future !!! 


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