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Soul Pilots Feedback from Sara Hall

Sara Hall

  Soul Pilots opened some doors for me. I don’t think it’s a book it’s more of a door to other dimensions.  

Sara Hall

  What did you think this e-book was going to be about?

Wasn’t sure.

How would you describe 'Soul Piloting'?

"Sacred" "incredible"

Creative shamanism…hard to describe if not familiar with Project sanctuary

Which stories touched you the most? the little demon, one after that "the lost child?"

Each held a life of it's own some just resonated more with me than others. I don't seem to get anyone coming to me to be rocked and held. (though it is beautiful) usually.

Would you recommend “The Soul Pilots” to a friend?

I would recommend it to a friend with similar interest like project sanctuary

Did you enjoy reading this e-book?

Yes, very much.and I will read it again and again

Did you choose this e-book because Soul Piloting was derived from the Project Sanctuary processes? Yes but I did not know what it was about

Did you find the e-book version easy to download from our website? Yes,thank-you

Did you find the e-book version easy to use?

Yes, thank-you

Do you have any other feedback for us on this title, other titles, DragonRising, customer service, product price, etc?

Yes, I was very “zen” with my answers up until now. Soul Pilots opened some doors for me. I don’t think it’s a book it’s more of a door to other dimensions. I had been having dreams that were very frustrating for me because I did not know what to do…for example. I enter a house and I find a room with a bunch of fairies trapped in a bottle. I woke up wanting to help them but the bottle had a magical seal and I did not know what to feed the faeries..some looked like leaves and tree bark etc nor did I have a clue how to get them out of the bottle…It was very frustrating for me to wake up knowing they are still in the bottle and I didn’t feed them..and they were afraid of me.

A little girl came to me and showed me that her body had been buried in this mine. I woke up just not knowing what I was supposed to do with that, but the body had been there for a very long time and her soul was going nowhere until something was resolved.

Sometimes I dream that hundreds of souls are talking to me all at once..telling me their stories and I can’t hear any of them because it is so overwhelming.

So after reading many of the stories I realized that I could help them in sanctuary and that I was limiting myself as to what I had created…I just hadn’t put it all together. So I just flashed on the faeries (they are reminding me) so I will take them into sanctuary.

I did call to the little girl and explained that I would take care of her body and she knew what a guardian angel was so she called to hers. Her mother came for her (from the light) she squeeled and giggled and ran to her. It was great. She wasn’t dead and afraid anymore. Oh so the thing was she couldn’t leave her body because then her mum wouldn’t be able to find her.

I think the greatest frustration for me has been knowing that I am being called and feeling so powerless to do anything. They (souls) know I can and I don’t know how. So I am eternally grateful for each story shared, as each one helped me in some way. Some were very simple but no less powerful than the very elaborate soul piloting. I am starting to get the hang of it.

I thought it would be great to create a game like a video or even a role playing game. Where people pick a card, gather the magical back-up check to see what angels, Gods etc had their back and do some soul piloting. Why not? Isn’t that what dungeons and dragons type games are? Children could play. I remember waking my son up one morning as it was time to get ready for school and he said to me “but mom I was just about to save the universe!” I told him to go back for 10 more minutes. LOL because maybe he was!

Anyway, I loved it…I feel drawn to do the online course but the price is an issue, (so a scholarship opportunity would be wonderful) I will continue to work on my soul piloting though as they don’t want to wait. I’m not very patient either so I can relate.

I do think it is good to document and share as it helps others realize that we are not limited…

The feedback from me is good. I do think it takes a special kind of person to be open to such things. It’s funny though how you can play a game and that’s fine and fun but to read a book and then accept it as truth can be very difficult for some people. You know?

Thanks again.

Sara Hall 

Sara Hall

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