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Linda Christie, www.PositiveHealth.com

  realigning the Assemblage Point to its correct position and using gem infused light, produces a speedy healing process and a gentle recovery from many difficult to treat diseases and imbalances.  

Linda Christie, www.PositiveHealth.com

  Carlos Casteneda’s apprenticeship with Don Juan opened the door to many of the mysteries of the energy body. The brief explanation on how Don Juan moved his Assemblage point through a sharp blow to the shoulder blades was informative but not very helpful for a real
understanding of how the Assemblage point works. Jon Whale has studied this significant and vital point in his work The Catalyst of Power. This book offers real and important insights into how to find, and if necessary move, the Assemblage Point to its correct position.
Alongside this in depth look at the workings of the Assemblage Point he explains his work with Electric Gem Lamp Therapy and the use of gemstones with a light source to gently heal mental, emotional and physical problems.

The Assemblage point works in a similar way to the magnetic energy fields of the earth. In both there is an entry and exit point where all the fields draw together into a bundle, for the earth around the north and south poles. In a human being the many external layers of the energy field are connected and anchored through the human body at the Assemblage Point. When you are in balance, this point enters through the front of the heart and exits out the back in a straight line at the same level. Due to illness or shock this point can move out of alignment and Jon Whale has studied how various different angles of entry and movements to left, right, up or down can affect health in a specific way. Physical depletion, panic and anxiety, depression, psychosis and many other conditions all have their own patterns of distorted, misalignment that can be brought back into balance using Jon’s methods. Basically the lower the Assemblage Point drops towards the navel, the closer you will be to a severe illness or death.

Jon has explained several ways of moving the Assemblage Point back to its correct position, the method chosen depending on the strength and ability of the healer. A specially shaped quartz crystal is the most likely tool to assist the process. In essence, the book teaches you
how to work with the Assemblage Point and understand the deeper indications about the patients health from what you find. Directions are thorough and detailed but without some previous training, may be difficult to grasp for anyone unused to feeling energy. With this
proviso I feel this is an important and helpful book placing emphasis on the original and very real causes of suffering, so alignment and recovery can be addressed at a deep energetic level. The results Jon documents are spectacular and create interest in this fascinating area of study.

The Catalyst of Power also explores to use the healing power of Electronic Gem Lamp Therapy. A brief history of the gemstones used by Tibetan and Indian physicians precedes many of Jon Whale’s case studies that explain the use of different gems and their properties.
A combination of these two methods: realigning the Assemblage Point to its correct position and using gem infused light, produces a speedy healing process and a gentle recovery from many difficult to treat diseases and imbalances. Jon Whale offers his insights so others can understand and follow his procedures: he explains how to find the correct crystal for moving the assemblage point or a source where you can find the gem therapy lamps he uses. For many healers concerned with personal growth and medical practitioners faced with difficult challenges to treat disease, this book offers real insight into how to help those in need. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for the bottom line, the energetic causes of ill health and distress. An understanding of Jon’s work by medical professionals, who have to rely so often on the possibly toxic drugs to heal the body, would make a real difference to an overstretched health system. Jon Whale has brought a scientific mind to an area of exploration that is often based on belief and supposition rather than hard fact and documented evidence. Good! 

Linda Christie, www.PositiveHealth.com

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