Distance learning was the only way for me to do this, I needed the time to absorb and practise and with the help of the Skype sessions really understand what I was doing. It was good to have Ilka’s undivided attention, and yet to have the privacy of my own home when we were taking our journeys into Sanctuary. It made it easier for me at the startRemember. You had humor. to really be there with no distractions - now I can take the leap anywhere with anything going on around me!

I liked the attention to detail that is there in Sanctuary, the more you look, the more there is to see. The aspect journeys in unit 4, to go back and observe everything as it was, and then to give them a gift and a friend, but most importantly love and attention, to change their incarnation to something so much better than the memory was, and to make it real, animate it and know for sure that it will never go back.

Those moments of surety are life changing, to know that the memory is data, and that it has been changed in the now, and that impacts your life going forward and takes it from some fantasy land, to real life change. Yes it is imagination and play, but so very much more.

What you learn in this course cannot be learned any other way, there is nothing even similar, which makes it difficult to say exactly how I have evolved during its journey, I am changed, and its hard to look back and see who I was at the start, as it has impacted all areas of my life, from work to relationships, even how I wake up – thanks to my sleep habitat and my morning habitat, these have become such habits that I am will no longer get out of bed for less than +5! A priceless course. Take it and be changed.  

Jennine Allen, UK