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Thank-you very much :-)


  Thank-you very much :-) for sending Project Sanctuary so quickly.  


  Dear Silvia Hartmann,

Thank-you very much :-) for sending Project Sanctuary so quickly.

I've started to read and I can only say that it's so nice to see I'm not alone in all my opinions and I like the theory upon which the book seems to be written. It deals with the point of now, the point of reality. AND - bonus point for me- it's not dealing with words but images that are easy. I love the way you point out the obvious which - after having seen a counselor I would never choose to see again...-obviously isn't all that obvious to some, the brain is the most multi-faceted, 'flexible' wizard of all time when it comes to working in images and suggestible. Well at least mine is. I think for me in any case, a lot of my problem is that it is too easy for me to create images but I'm also very suggestible and having been surrounded often enough by things I would class as negative, my images seem to be fear bound. I have changed that a lot. As Dad mentioned my Mum left earlier this year and I think I've been spinning through space since then, I'm only just coming back down to earth now. Something in me
doesn't want to create negative pictures anymore, it just does it out of habit but like I said, it's changing.

Really I just wanted to say a BIG thank-you and wish you and any other members of your family at the end of this line.....

Merry Christmas and a marvelous Millennium :-)

Take care & best wishes

(name offered but withheld because of personal details)  


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