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The Best Investment Both In Money And Time That I Ever Made!

Margreet Vink, New Project Sanctuary Master, Holland

  I now feel alot wiser and more human!  

Margreet Vink, New Project Sanctuary Master, Holland

  Hi DragonRising,

I love to tell you how I experienced the PS course. It took me one and a half year to finish it and it was very difficult at times but I have grown as a person tremendously. This became especially clear in the ‘Masterpiece’. A lot of things and loose ends from previous units came together in the last three exercises. This felt very fulfilling and right. As from the course itself. As I said it took me a lot of time and maybe I could have done it faster, but somehow I feel I needed this time to process all the changes that this course brought me. As a person I’ve become much more open and more approachable and I feel a lot wiser and more human than before. The first six units were to me all about healing parts of myself and they were quite difficult for me to do (also to handle Silvia’s feedback :) ) and the last two units were all about personal growth as a person. Here is an excerpt from my last exercise:

“Wow,” Silvia says. “You’ve got quite a lot of it. I knew you could do it, but you made it hard yourself.” I nod, “Yes, I know. And it took me a lot of time compared to others, but I feel I needed this time because of the changes I have gone through. It has brought me so much and it was so difficult at times, but I wanted to conclude this course, because I could feel in every fibre of my soul that it was the right thing to do. Thank you for being not so easy with me. I have cursed about it, but it was worth it!

This actually says it all. I am very grateful that I found the courage to finish this course, because courage was really needed here and there. And I am grateful for all the feedback Silvia gave me, because when she made me re-do an exercise she was always right. It really taught me to get in contact with my energy mind, and I learned to trust my energy mind, which was really a big thing to me. It taught me my own creativity, or at least that I can tap into a stream of creativity and it is hard to explain what I got out of it, but it has made my life so much better, it was the best investment both in money and time that I ever made!!

I look forward to see you at the conference!



Margreet Vink, New Project Sanctuary Master, Holland

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