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Margarita Foley, GoE Energy Trainer

  I really enjoyed this course.  

Margarita Foley, GoE Energy Trainer

  I really enjoyed this course as I saw the unity of the Energy Mind and The Energy Body and how these work together to raise our energy levels and allow our energy to flow through our body without obstruction. This allows us to live at raised energy levels and live happier lives and create a better world. The old ideas about some stress being good for performance are being gradually replaced. There are also many fun and profound strategies such as the Energy Symbols to helps transform our states and create a total new experience even from negative experiences, One unified course that the average person could experience would enable many more people to discover the richness and joy of everyday living. This course is a great introduction and with a lttle expansion can be available to more and more people all over the world in many languages, Great Course that I can highly recommend. Thank you. 

Margarita Foley, GoE Energy Trainer

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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