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The Genius Symbols Course - Excellent!

Dr. Shoshana Savyon, Jerusalem

  I found the course to be excellent. I had the Genius Symbol book and had even made a set of stones and was using them a bit, but the course really brought the depth of their potential to the fore.  

Dr. Shoshana Savyon, Jerusalem

  It was also a profoundly touching experience personally. The course challenges you to step out of your own comfort zone and set patterns to bring up more fully your deepest potential and open your new avenues and magic.

I understand why some don’t complete the course. It is not a “Wow! Do these six easy things and you will have psychic powers” course. In other words, it’s real. There are layers and layers of potential in this course and it is up to the student as to how much they desire mining them.

I loved the tutoring (Sending you a big shiny red apple so I can be teacher’s pet). The comments were insightful and gave just enough push to not let me off the hook with mediocrity and yet pointing out potentials that I had not fully connected to. In short, Good on You!

I see the course as a beginning. Many of the exercises in the course I intend to repeat. I use the Symbols in daily life now and feel that they are incorporated into my mundane and energy mind consciousness. It seems they have both learned a new language and are having a ball with it.

I intend to do some readings, which is something I never thought I would do.

I am integrating them in my clinical practice and in my Practice in many ways and they have never yet disappointed. I use them in diagnostics and just turned in a very “professional” Psych/Social Report on a complex client that was very well received and all the testing was Genius Symbols!

They are pushing me to write more and I hope to make the time to go with it.

I would love to figure out how to bring them to the Hebrew speaking community here and bring them through in a way that they can hear culturally. They are definitely a force for good and the region here can use every drop. So far, this is just a dream but who knows?

Overall – It feels as if I have learned a whole new way of communicating between the here and now and the energy mind. I have always been a great hedge hopper and could access other states of consciousness and other realities easily. However, with the Symbols I have a strong language to communicate with. This makes the information flow much more specific and usable as well as keeping an easily open two way street. I think I might feel a bit like someone did when they first had a telephone installed in their home way back when. I can punch in a Symbol and get an answer with LOADS of information and the call can be returned if there is something on the other end for me. It has made my “special skills” much more honed and keeps my resources very much at my finger tips. And, this is just the start! 

Dr. Shoshana Savyon, Jerusalem

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