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This course is simply AWESOME!

Helena Buche, Germany

  What warmed my heart and still does, is the kindness and compassion with which this course is presented.  

Helena Buche, Germany

  What I absolutely loved about this course was the advise to tap first on "Stress" and then on "Energy" before starting work on a client. The results that I had with clients were monumental. They were definitely clearer when finding the crux of their problems. It saved both the client as well as me a lot of time when choosing an appropriate set up. It was indeed a very enriching and uplifting experience for me to see and feel the improvement in the flow of energy in my clients, often reflected in their features softening and a more relaxed posture. This never ever failed to astound me, no matter how often I saw it, and I often thought, 'it's so simple, so straightforward and yet so effective'. Unnecessary stress talk was reduced and I, as the EFT Practitioner, had enough time to end the session on a good and positive note.

What I especially value in this course is the incredible kindness and humanness with which it is presented. Clients are not reduced to the level of an object with a diagnosis stuck over their heads, but seen as human beings who have been through some kind of an event which affect their energy system through a blockage or injury to the normal flow of their energy. Hope is also given when we learn that this blockage or injury can be treated when we find out where it is located. This attitude not only takes away the sting and often the stigma of having a problem that "the others" can not identify with, but also offers the often necessary and needed hope that something can be done about it. This has often motivated my clients to be open about their problems and to work through them. Especially helpful was also their realization that EFT presents a method where a problem can be cleared without the client having to re-live the trauma or turmoil first.

I found being specific about the problem as well as the spot on interventions enabled the healing event to be reached in a relatively shorter period of time. And all this because EFT teaches us that "stress" destabilizes the energy body which can lead to high energy body stress.
Secret Therapy is a God-send as I sometimes do have clients who find it too painful to tell me what their problem is. Many were very thankful that we could work on their problem and evolve it without them going through a roller-coaster with their emotions. Many of my clients also learnt how to think about their problems in terms of their energy system being blocked and that something could be done about it when we tapped on improving the flow of their energy. With time, many of my clients had learnt how to be very specific in their set ups which encouraged them to use EFT on their own when needed. This was a great source of empowerment for them, but also for me as the EFT Practitioner. Noticing the changes in their cognition as time went on enabled many to accept that we all do have an energy body. This, of course, opened up an incredible avenue for them.

I loved the work with Aspects as this offers clients as well as practitioners the opportunity to love and accept ourselves in spite of having "an aspect" that we're having problems with. It was sheer delight for me to learn to think in terms of "aspects" rather than a person being a particular trait. Understanding this and explaining this to my clients took away their fear of being judged and gave them the freedom to see their past actions in a more accepting and kinder light. This not only opened up a means for them to be more accepting of themselves, it also gave them the possibility of accepting the mistakes that past aspects made without feeling ashamed and humiliated. Although it took me some time to learn and integrate this into my work, it was well worth the time, effort and energy I put into it. Basically, I think it has made me a bit easier to live with!
One of the most profound experiences that I've had with this course was when I was able to help a client reach the Healing Event after we worked on her panic of travelling by air. What started off an an extreme fear of "being blown to pieces" in the air, ended with a very warm note to me last week, when she flew to visit a dying relative which, in itself, was a monumental step tor her to take. She wrote that the weather was very bad and the plane was going through quite an upheaval. The people around her were throwing up and crying and screaming and she felt fabulous throughout the trip. She then thanked me for the time, effort and energy that I had put into our EFT work. All I can say is that it is necessary to take every event to the Healing Event. It might take a bit more time, but it is definitely worth it.

Although it took me some time to get used to working in the Autogenic World, the time, effort and energy put into understanding this Unit was a great pay off in the end! I especially welcomed the idea of not making any distinctions between false memories and real memories and Silvia's summing it up by saying: "If it hurts, it's real!" This leads to clients feeling that they are being taken seriously and that their pain is being honoured and given the proper attention it deserves. Apart from this, it does make the life of an EFT Practitioner much easier and EFT work quite adventurous in many ways.

What I especially loved in Unit 11 was to see the interaction between the aspect and the environment in the successive changes in the often very rich material which was produced. I found this Unit extremely helpful and needless to say, working with the Autogenic EFT Intervention has become my favourite.

I found this a great course with each Unit building on the previous one, adding to one's insight, one's knowledge, thus offering the Energy EFT Master Practitioner more security and skills.

What warmed my heart and still does, is the kindness and compassion with which this course is presented. The old clichés of mad, crazy and incurable are effectively replaced by a great explanation of the connection between one's emotions and the state of one's energy system, the possibility of regulating one's energy so that it flows optimally and the potential of maintaining a healthy flow in one's energy system by regularly tapping EFT.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Silvia Hartman for offering the world this wonderful Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course which has proven to me, that we are indeed on the healing high rise and that this is only the beginning!

This course is simply AWESOME! 

Helena Buche, Germany

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