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Firefly, Project Sanctuary Player

  During the last two days I've been playing with the genius symbols and have experienced some fantastic results and mind blowing threshold shifts and would like to share what I have been doing.  

Firefly, Project Sanctuary Player

  During the last two days I've been playing with the genius symbols and have experienced some fantastic results and mind blowing threshold shifts and would like to share what I have been doing.

I had been thinking about relationships and working through some of the exercises found in Sandra Hillawi's wonderful book 'The love clinic" (https://dragonrising.com/store/the_love_clinic/).

One of the exercises in the book is concerned with using the law of attraction to attract the relationship you want into your life. There are several steps that follow, but firstly, you must build a concept of what you want, in as detailed a way as possible. By doing this you are building a thoughtfield.

This is where I ran into serious problems: what do I really want? If I make a conscious list the qualities are often rather eclectic, ranging from the sexual attributes to the more personal. To be honest I just couldn't create a resonant and integral image of what I wanted, perhaps it's because various sources in society will have us believe that all men want that blond, big breasted Swedish girl with blue eyes who is eternally young....... I really don't know.

So I came to my genius symbols and decided to use a wonderful technique found in the third unit of the genius symbols distance learning course called the 'Venn Symbol Exercise'. This exercise involves applying a question to each of the the genius symbols, for more information please refer to the course.

For the question/contract I used:

"What does my heart desire in a girl friend and relationship right now?"

Then I drew each symbol out in turn. I cannot express how mind blowing the experience was, I think for the first time in my life I actually knew my hearts desires, and secondly the energetic experience was one of the most profound I have had in my life. Talk about threshold shift after threshold shift.....

So, I then had 23 different answers to what my heart desired in a girl friend and relationship right now. Just reading through the information literally lit up my energy system so this alone would have sent a extremely resonant energy out into the universe, but I wanted to take it one step further.

I then used the piece of paper containing the answers from the first venn diagram as the centre piece in another venn diagram, alongside the question:

"What can I do to attract a girl friend and relationship with all of these qualities?"

I then proceeded to started another venn diagram, after pulling out 5 symbols I got a little nudge from my energy mind telling me I had enough information, it was time to stop.

The first piece of information I received was to turn each of the answers I received in the original Venn diagram into a wish: so I read through each answer adding the following statement to the beginning:

"Universe, my hearts desires in girl friend and relationship.............. right now"

Following evoking each of the wishes I then closed the session by saying, Universe, please make each of these wishes a reality, this is my will, and so it must be. Then I thanked the universe for her blessing in my own way.

This was a wonderfully powerful experience. Not only did I have an extremely resonant image/concept of what I wanted in a girl friend and relationship, the concept was what my heart desired so I didn't run into any objections throughout certain parts of my totality which would probably derail the process.

So, why is this such a powerful method of manifestation? When you are wishing for what your heart desires, there's a sense of alignment throughout your being.

When your entire totality aligns behind a wish, the energetic quality of that wish is much stronger and clearer. With the help of a little bit of EMO Energy-in-Motion for any wishes which seem too good to be true or you don't connect with, you have a much stronger chance of manifesting you desires. And to make it even better, I had a marvelous time in the process, I would highly recommend trying this.

I'm thinking of doing a Venn diagram this evening to find out what my heart desires in a job, for me this spells of end of the road for not knowing what I want in life.


Firefly, Project Sanctuary Player

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EFT Self-Help Course

  During the last two days I've been playing with the genius symbols and have experienced some fantastic results and mind blowing threshold shifts and would like to share what I have been doing.  - Firefly, Project Sanctuary Player
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Dipl-Oek. Detlev Tesch International Speaker, Coach and Trainer EmoTrance, EFT, Public Speaking Kuedinghovener Str. 142 53227 Bonn, Germany +49/228/473792

  Silvia Hartmann delivers a great many examples of what we can do with the system. Thus it doesn't take a genius to become a genius ;-)  - Dipl-Oek. Detlev Tesch International Speaker, Coach and Trainer EmoTrance, EFT, Public Speaking Kuedinghoven er Str. 142 53227 Bonn, Germany +49/228/47379 2
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Nicola Quinn Author & Journalist http://nicolaquinn.com

  The Genius Symbols is not just a book, it is an extraordinary work of monumental proportions and importance.  - Nicola Quinn Author & Journalist http://nicolaquinn.c om
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  There will never be boredom in your life again!  - Kerstin Warkentin, Germany
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  This is an absolutely brilliant book! The Genius Symbols help in so many ways on both a personal and a professional level.  - Sherry MacBeth (Shadowfae) Intuitive , Reiki practitioner, Spiritual Medium shadowfae.co.u k
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  Project Sanctuary never fails to surprise and with Dr Hartmann’s new creation, “The Genius Symbols” its power has increased exponentially.  - Sue Bellworthy Project Sanctuary Master United Kingdom
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  I am delighted with the immediate threshold shift in simply, tentatively, following the directions in the first chapter!  - Quantumis PS Forum
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  If you’re looking for a new tool to help you not only solve your own problems but to create the reality you’ve always felt was just a pipe dream, then get the Genius Symbols. You will be blown away by the power that you have always possessed.  - Alan Bridges Psychic Medium http://www.psy chicbridges.com
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  There are so many potentials with this! So many and I am so excited ... Dr Silvia has brought something new and exciting to my life to work with.  - A grateful psychic! UK
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  From the first time I tried The Genius Symbols, I was completely astonished by the power and the clarity of the visions I am receiving.  - Gerald Sundringham Costa Brava, Spain
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  I am really astonished that with the help of these symbols, and the simple (I mean REALLY SIMPLE like ABC) 'how to' included in the book, the flow of creative writing seems to be reliably reproducible at will.  - Dieter Maas, Germany
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  I had often heard the expression, “Life is a game”. The only problem I was still having was manifesting what I saw into reality. The Genius Symbols have solved that problem!  - Debora Ready, Project Sanctuary Master
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  I find them invaluable for all kinds of problem solving.  - Nicola Quinn, Reiki Master, Author, Life Without Panic Attacks
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  I read the Genius Symbols book from start to finish in one go.It took me a while but it was so exciting and unlike anything I had ever read before.  - Eleanor Evans
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  With The Genius Symbols, we have the ultimately evocative keys to directly engage our own energy minds, access universal yet deeply personal wisdom and have our own visions.  - Laura Moberg, Project Sanctuary Master, Sowela Holistic Health Care, www.vinddottir.com
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  Thank you for sharing your gift!  - Cheryl Fauvel, Crete
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  I have received a review copy from you and am absolutely enthralled by The Genius Symbols. 
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  I am in awe of this Silvia Hartmann's ability to tap into the genius of our minds, and I hope I can reach to similar heights with my own ability, through Silvia's guidance, and the wonderful gift of this course.  - Mary Hirose, United Kingdom
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  A Truly Life Changing Experience  - Alan Bridges, Psychic Medium, www.Alanbridges.com/
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Lim Amy Cert. Genius Symbols Reader Singapore

  I am very happy to sign up this course and able to learn so much from it. These courses are so well written and have helped me learning much new stuff.  - Lim Amy Cert. Genius Symbols Reader Singapore
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