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Bani Sodermark

  An exhaustive How-to workbook on using the Assemblage Point  

Bani Sodermark

  This book deals almost exclusively with a not so well known aspect of the Human Body, i.e., the Assemblage Point. The Assemblage Point is a point, not unlike the pole of a magnet and located near the heart, where the lines of the Human Energy Field (HEF) come together in a horizontal direction. Displacement of the Assemblage Point, either above or below, and/or inclination of the axes where the energy lines of the HEF meet, results in either psychological/emotional/physical disease (dis-ease). If the Assemblage Point is pushed down to the navel, the result is immediate death.

The Assemblage Point has been studied before, in the context of shamanism. In particular, Carlos Castaneda deals with this point in several of his books. Alberto Villoldo, also mentions it in some of his works, although he attributes a different location to it.

In this work, the author presents an exhaustive How-to workbook on using the Assemblage Point and the massive information available thereto. After delineating some of the emotional health problems associated with the Assemblage Point, the author links some of them to the Myers-Briggs personality types, pointing out the expected position of the Assemblage Point for each type and mentioning which type is likely to lead to either an elevated or a depressed point. In passing, these personality types are also related to the structure of their handwritings using techniques in graphology.

In a bid to understand interactive emotional health, the author makes a correspondence between the seven attributes of power, i.e. instinct, passion, intent, compassion, expression, intuition and wisdom with the seven chakras of the human body and describes the activation of each chakra as successively higher levels of consciousness are attained (-5 being the lowest and +5, the highest; these consciousness levels, according to the author, also have their signatures in graphology). Also, effects of the EEG waves emitted by the brain ( alpha, beta, delta, theta) are also mapped onto the appropriate areas of the brain generating them, connecting these areas to specific elevations/depressions or orientation of the Assemblage Point. Explicitly locating the Assemblage Point and moving it to a desired location/orientation of the human body in order to effect a healing is explained in detail. After that, the author goes on to discuss mystical and spiritual disciplines, e.g. breathing exercises and breath retention and the displacement of the Assemblage Point with this kind of chakra activation, mentioning in this context, how supernatural abilities can be awakened. The material is richly illustrated with diagrams and tables/charts. A major portion of this chapter deals with what to expect as consciouness descends from the highest levels of consciousness with 99% essence and 1% ego to the lowest levels of 1%essence and 99% ego. Wherever possible, the author provides instances from his own life to illustrate the import of his statements.

The later part of the book deals with journeys out of the body and the Afterlife. Beginning with scriptural documentation of facts about these states, the author talks of the Assemblage Point and what happens to it under such conditions. In particular, it is shown how mystics from varied traditions have chosen to leave their bodies with their vital force exiting from the crown aperture at the top of the body, thus retaining full consciousness throughout the death process (hero's death). Most people choose to leave their bodies with the Assemblage Point traversing the navel.

The author illustrates the efficacy of his method in the first Appendix in detail. Here, he presents actual case studies of a number of people from varying backgrounds and with varying health problems. In each case, restoring the Assemblage Point to its natural location and orientation was sufficient to effect a cure. The effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs, especially hallucinogens, on the Assemblage Point are also discussed.

In a second and more technical Appendix, the author discusses advanced procedures for correcting the Assemblage Point using Transducer Lamps and crystals, illustrating his point with actual case studies. It is shown how these techniques are especially more efficacious to cure a wide variety of health conditions.

The author's original published works form the content for the third Appendix.

This book is very readable with a lot of illustrations. Many pictures of key personalties associated with the concepts mentioned are included. About his own involvement, the author states in this book, " I have revealed more of myself than intended". Speaking for myself, I feel a strong sense of respect while reading this book, respect for the kind of whole hearted involvement that the author has exhibited for this project, the kind of experimentation that he has engaged in and the paucity of the resources that he has had. As concerns readability, there are a few technicalities not so easily grasped, the connection with graphology is one that comes to mind. All this does not detract from the results which are reasonably clear for those who want to use them.

Warmly recommended. 

Bani Sodermark

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