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The GoE's Energy EFT Master Practitioner training is our most popular course and has been taken by over a thousand people world-wide. To be an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, you need to either go on a live training or enrol on the distance learning course and complete all twelve units.

However, not everyone needs to be an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, which represents the highest level of Energy EFT knowledge currently available today. For many just Skills Level One, which is practitioner level information, will be an absolute game-changer as you'll learn how to master emotions, work with the SUE scale, understand stress on a whole new level and also get insights and tips into what makes an excellent professional energist.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training - Skills Level One Includes

  • Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann
  • Energy EFTMP SL1 Comprehensive training manual written by Silvia Hartmann
  • Energy EFTMP SL1 Live training videos presented by Silvia Hartmann (2 hours 40 minutes)

Get your money back! If after purchasing Skills Level One you fall in love with the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training and want to complete and be certified via the tutored distance learning course then we'll give you a full refund of your original purchase! T&C apply - Contact Us for more info.

Online Trainings & Courses

This in depth, professional course by Silvia Hartmann is for those wishing to become a Certified Energy Healer For Animals in Eight Units. This course is designed to give the successful student the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence step by step so that upon completion, the successful student can positively and confidently offer their services as a PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL ENERGY HEALER - and make a real difference in the lives of animals and the people that work with them.

UPDATE: This is the NEW (2015) and updated version of Silvia Hartmann's Energy Healing For Animals distance learning course.
  • Course Tutor: Barbara Saph
  • Course Units: 8
  • Estimated Study Time: 3 months to 6 months (depending on your commitments)
  • Included Study Time: 12 months (purchase an additional six month extension for £75.00 GBP)
Online Trainings & Courses

NEW! - The GoE's Energy EFT Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a 4 Unit course that's powerfully focused on healing yourself, and covers self-help, as well as using Energy EFT (Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping with friends and family. 

The Energy EFT Foundation contains contains a wealth of uplifting and inspiring exercises, tips and techniques especially for self-help, and is the perfect course for the Energy EFT beginner. 

** Energy EFT Foundation is recommended by The Guild of Energists for Energy EFT beginners and also Classic EFT trained practitioners. This course will become the prerequisite course for taking the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course from November 1st 2016 onwards. **
  • Course Tutors: Barbara Saph, Sandra Hillawi
  • Course Units: 4
  • Estimated Study Time: 1-3 months (depending on your commitments).
  • Included Study Time: 12 months (purchase an additional six month extension for £75.00 GBP)
  • Course Start Date: Straight away!
Online Trainings & Courses

The GoE EFT Master Practitioner Course takes the developments from the last 14 years of EFT worldwide and brings them together so that the student can experience a clear, logical, direct and powerful way to resolve problems with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping.

The successful student will hold the GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certification, becomes a full Professional Member of The Guild of Energists (GoE), and will be included in the public register to this effect.

The GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course now comes with:

  • Video files for you to download of Silvia Hartmann presenting the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training in London, April 2012 
  • One year GoE Standard Membership whilst you study - worth £30.00
  • One year GoE Professional Membership after you complete the course - worth £60.00
  • Course Tutor: Lorna Firth
  • Course Units: 12
  • Estimated Study Time: 4 months to 8 months (depending on your commitments)
  • Included Study Time: 12 months (six month extension available for £75.00 GBP)
  • Course Start Dates (Signup Week): 27th June - 3rd July 2016
Online Trainings & Courses

The NEW GoE Certificate In Modern Stress Management (MSM) distance learning course, created by Silvia Hartmann and tutored by experienced GoE Trainer Lorna Firth, is the direct, next level course available for all those that have obtained the GoE's Energy EFT Master Practitioner certification.

MSM is a wonderful course with 8 Units which include:

  • Advanced Self Stress Management for the practitioner
  • Creating personalised Modern Stress Management plans for individual clients
  • Creating Modern Stress Management plans for relationships, groups and teams
  • Creating Modern Stress Management programs for business and institutions

The GoE's Modern Stress Management Distance Course comes with:

  • Full and fast tutor support from GoE Trainer Lorna Firth
  • One year's additional GoE Professional Membership after you complete the course - worth £60.00
  • Full Facilitator's or Trainer's MSM training manual after completing the course
EFT Self-Help Course
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