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GoE Energy EFT Foundation - Distance Learning Course

GoE Energy EFT Foundation - Distance Learning Course

NEW! - The GoE's Energy EFT Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a 4 Unit course that's powerfully focused on healing yourself, and covers self-help, as well as using Energy EFT (Energy Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping with friends and family. 

The Energy EFT Foundation contains contains a wealth of uplifting and inspiring exercises, tips and techniques especially for self-help, and is the perfect course for the Energy EFT beginner. 

** Energy EFT Foundation is recommended by The Guild of Energists for Energy EFT beginners and also Classic EFT trained practitioners. This course will become the prerequisite course for taking the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course from November 1st 2016 onwards. **
  • Course Tutors: Barbara Saph, Sandra Hillawi
  • Course Units: 4
  • Estimated Study Time: 1-3 months (depending on your commitments).
  • Included Study Time: 12 months (purchase an additional six month extension for £75.00 GBP)
  • Course Start Date: Straight away!

Energy EFT FoundationEnergy EFT Foundation, created by Silvia Hartmann, is the perfect course for you if you would like to learn the Energy EFT tapping system for both self-improvement and helping others.

By learning how to improve energy flow and move further up the SUE Scale, you'll discover how to go from problems to solutions in a broad range of applications. Energy EFT, like its predecessor Classic EFT, teaches you skills about gaining emotional freedom from negative or low energy states, but this updated method is also applicable for creating high-energy states suitable for goal setting, inspiration, creativity and more.

With Energy EFT Foundation, Hartmann has created this highly comprehensive, knowledgeable and practical course, which is packed full of ideas, tips and techniques. This is very much a course for intelligent adults, and you'll have plenty of opportunity putting Energy EFT to work on improving all aspects of your life.

About Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann Silvia Hartmann, chair and founder of The GoE, is one of the original tapping developers. In 1998 Hartmann wrote the first professional level Classic EFT training, the "Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner" (MET Prac). In 1999 Hartmann wrote the very first book on Classic EFT tapping, Adventures In EFT. 

In 2012 Hartmann developed the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training course, which to date is the most advanced and integrated Energy EFT tapping course available.

Course Contents

If you are looking to become a professional EFT Master Practitioner, then Energy EFT Foundation is the perfect springboard for you. From November 1st 2016, Energy EFT Foundation will be a requirement to taking the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course. Until then, we highly recommend you follow this training path and enrol on the Energy EFT Foundation course.

Energy EFT Foundation is a course of four units, and the live training is normally taught in one day. By the end, you'll have learned:

Energy EFT Foundation Course

Unit 1: Experiencing Energy EFT

  • The History Of Energy EFT
  • The SUE Scale
  • The Heart Position
  • The Tapping Points
  • How To Tap Energy EFT
  • The Energy EFT Round
  • The Set Up
  • How To Raise Energy
  • Positive EFT

Unit 2: The Energy Billionaire

  • The Different States of The Energy Body
  • The Stress To Success Pyramid Model
  • How To Give The Energy Body What It Needs To Be Stronger, Happier & Healthier
  • The Energy Billionaire
  • Using Powerful Nature Energies
  • Pure Animal Energy
  • Energizing With Colour Energy
  • Using Energy EFT To Unlock The “Oceans Of Energy”

Unit 3: From Problems To Solutions

  • How To Manage Real Life Stress
  • How To Use The Aspects Model
  • How To Release Negative Emotions
  • Set Ups For Different Stress Levels
  • Staying Energized In Real Life
  • How To Convert Problems Into Solutions
  • Finding Powerful Positive Set Ups
  • How Many Rounds To Tap
  • How To Tap For Past Aspects
  • How To Tap For Future Aspects
  • How to Tap By Proxy For Other People

Unit 4: Teaching & Sharing Energy EFT

  • Tapping Energy EFT With A Friend
  • Energy EFT With A Partner
  • Energy EFT With A Group
  • Tapping With Children
  • Tapping With Older Children & Teenagers
  • How To Teach & Share Energy EFT
  • The Heart Of Gold
  • About The Guild of Energists

Information About Distance Learning

Energy EFT Foundation Course ManualAlongside the full-colour printed course manual, written and illustrated by Silvia Hartmann, you'll also receive extra instructions, exercises and assignments by email (in Adobe PDF format) which you complete in the comfort of your home and then email back to your tutor for feedback. They'll then reply with feedback and the next unit, if you have met the required core skills.

Whilst you wait for your course manual to be delivered, we have included both of Silvia Hartmann's best-selling Positive EFT and Energy EFT eBooks for you to get started on your EFT journey straight away. We'll also include GoE Standard Membership straight away too, which will be extended by an extra year upon completion. This will give you access to member resources which gives you that extra support we know will help you get the most out of your course.

Our tutors are all licensed GoE trainers who will guide you through the course and be on hand to answer your questions. This one-to-one relationship with your tutor is a fantastic resource and ensures you gain the most out of your time learning the material.

Energy EFT Foundation - What You've Been Saying!

"I have recently competed Energy EFT foundation. I found the course created new meanings for me around EFT, even though I have been using it for 10 years. It helped me to develop and improve my own EFT skills and also how to support and train people to experience the power of working with energy within a day." - Dave Stewart

"This was a lovely course. I feel inspired and truly energized. As an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, I really appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the exercises included in this course. I believe Energy EFT foundation is a perfect beginning for self application and sharing EFT and a wonderful enhancement for seasoned practitioners. Well done! Thank you Silvia Hartmann." - Maria LiPuma

"Energy EFT Foundation really does take you on a journey from stress to success with such ease and simplicity, that will enable participants to bring this home with them and share with their family and friends. The manual is THE self help book that you need!" - Maria Chappell

Please note - Sign up for the Energy EFT Foundation Course today and receive your printed course manual, GoE Standard Membership and access to the Energy EFT/Positive EFT eBook downloads straight away.

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