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Heal Your Grief: Accept Your Loss & Love Your Life Again

by Mercedes Van Essen
Heal Your Grief
"Heal your grief..." reveals potent energy techniques to heal bereavement and find joy in your life. You will find advice on how to cope with bereavement and deal with loss and trauma: be it the loss of a loved one, terminal illness, a divorce or bankruptcy; and love your life again...

When Mercedes Oestermann van Essen lost her father she had no idea how much she would be affected by his death: Mercedes and Bernie, as she affectionately called him since she was a little child, had always been very close. Working as an energy therapist she thought she knew about bereavement and expected to cope well when he finally passed away after several years of illness.

When she discovered some things about him after his death which appeared shocking to her and irreconcilable with the image she had of her beloved father, she realised that she began harbouring unresolved grief and resentment.

Mercedes decided to keep what she had learned to herself and instead use her emotional state to experiment with new ways to release her grief and also help her mother through the different stages of bereavement.

Drawing on her experience with subtle energies she came up with a fresh way of looking at how our energy matrix changes during grief. Combining ancient healing modalities with the latest insights on the workings of the mind she came up with a new formula to address emotional turmoil and trauma.

This book is the result: It comes from the heart and with a deep desire to help everyone to overcome bereavement completely and quickly. It is a practical guide and handbook for bereavement. Heal your grief reveals how energy changes within you and your environment and how you can manipulate it to heal bereavement and trauma. When you read this book you will sense that is also very spiritual and that is its power.

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