Name: The Modern Energist's Guide To The Afterlife
Type: eBook
Version: 1
Language: English
Region: All
Dimensions (cm): 21 x 29.7
Pages: 71
Illustrations: Full Colour
Table Of Contents: Table of Contents
Welcome To The Afterlife!
The Penultimate Challenge
Chapter : Meet The Soul!
The Triad Model
The Soul Rules
The Energy Body Progression
Chapter : The Soul Survivors
Chapter : Sanctuary
***** Short Report:
Getting To Sanctuary
***** Short Report:
Chapter : How To Feed The Soul
The Joy Of Threshold Shifts
***** Short Report:
Chapter : The Field Of Flowers
Chapter : The Soul Pilots
The Lost Souls
Yellow Rose
Chapter : Stress & The Afterlife
Chapter : Everything Is Energy
The First Law Of Energy
Raising Energy In Sanctuary
The Gift
Receiving The Gift
Chapter : Beyond The Body
Pluralis Majestatis
Chapter : Many Lives
In Life Incarnations
Bonus Lives
Chapter : The Brain Game
Chapter : The Energy Mind
Chapter : The Conscious Mind Child
***** Short Report
Chapter : The Pathless Land
Chapter : Once More, With Feeling!
In Summation
The SuperMind Masters Course
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