Name: The Energy of Attraction
Type: eBook
Version: 1.00
Language: English
Region: All
Dimensions (cm): 21 x 29.7
Illustrations: 3 x full colour
Table Of Contents: Introduction to The Energy of Attraction
Five Great Reasons To Be An Energist
The Energy of Attraction Is About Becoming A Better You
Top Ten Reasons for Practising The Energy of Attraction
Alex’s [Abbreviated] Story
The Energy of Attraction Manifesto: The Ten Karmandments
Why Being an Attractive Person Is Important
Universally Applicable to Singles and Relationship Voyagers
Your Attractiveness Starts On The Inside
πŸ™‹ Q & A: Is The Energy of Attraction For Me?
πŸ’– Exercise: What words do people use to describe someone with good energy?
Purchasing Your β€œFeel Goods”
πŸ“– Case Story: It’s Not What You Wear, It’s How You Wear It
πŸ“– Case Story: Wearing Lipstick For Giving Radio Interviews
Finding Love Without the Middleman
Breaking Through The Glass Ceiling
πŸ’– Exercise: Where Did That Self-Limiting Thought Come From?
Our Thoughts Affect Reality
πŸ“– Case Story: The Artist Who Painted His Own Reality
Opening The Bird Cage πŸ¦…
Introduction To Modern Energy 101 ✨
Silvia Hartmann’s Fabulous Modern Energy Chart
Going Down in Energy - The Stress Epidemic
Going Up in Energy - The Energy of Attraction
Explanation of The Modern Energy Chart
What Is An Aspect?
πŸ’– Exercise: Who Are You? Who Were You?
πŸ’– Exercise: Who Would You Like To Be?
High Energy Levels & Keeping It Real
One Chart, Many Uses
πŸ’‘ Example: The Energy Of A Relationship
Modern Energy Tapping (MET)
What is Modern Energy Tapping?
Modern Energy Tapping Diagram
Subjective Units of Experience Scale - SUE Scale
Modern Energy Tapping Instructions
πŸ’– Exercise: Positive Energy Tapping Exercise
Energy-in-Motion (EMO)
How Our Energy Body Communicates With Us Through Our Emotions
πŸ’– Exercise: Describing Feelings
Listening To Our Emotions
Bidirectional Communication with Energy-in-Motion (EMO)
Simple Guide to Energy-in-Motion
πŸ’– Exercise: EMO the Sun 🌞
Know Thyself
What Does β€œKnow Thyself” Mean?
Different Situation, Different You
πŸ“– Case Story: Royal Marine Scared Of A Pretty Girl
πŸ’– Exercise: Identifying Shortcomings
Active Participant or Reactive Participant
Why The Energy of Attraction Is Gender Neutral - Reuniting The Planets
πŸ’– Exercise: Who Are You Now?
The Pitfall - Men Half-Heartedly Seeking Women
Recognising Low Energy States
Liking & Loving Those We Fancy
Why Connecting With Strangers Can Be Terrifying
πŸ’– Exercise: Deprogramming Slut Shaming
Role Models
πŸ’– Exercise: Choosing A Role Model
Allowing Yourself To Be An Emotional Being
What Do YOU Want?
πŸ’– Exercise: What Excites You, What Disagrees With You
Change Thyself
How Change Happens
Making a Threshold Shift Happen
Ten Fabulous Ways of Raising Energy
Raising Energy From Other People πŸ™Œ
πŸ’– Exercise: Smiling At Strangers πŸ™‚
πŸ’– Exercise: Throwaway Complements
πŸ’– Exercise: Insults And Compliments Exercise
Raising Energy From Your Environment πŸŒ…
πŸ’– Exercise: Letting Environmental Energy Nourish You
Raising Energy From Drugs and Alcohol
πŸ’– Exercise: Pretend To Be Drunk
Raising Energy When Something Bad Has Happened
Water In The Face 🌊
Cry πŸ˜₯
Go To Sleep πŸ›Œ
Learn To Dance πŸ•Ί πŸ’ƒ
πŸ“– Case Story: Practice Getting Closer
πŸ“– Case Story: Being Comfortable Around Beauty
Help To Change, Help To Evolve
Know Others, Change Others - Advanced Leadership Skills
πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Study: What The Judge Ate For Breakfast
The Five Stages of Energy Awareness
How To Influence Others
How To Encourage People To Take Action
Positive Encouragement
Emergency Energy Generator Provoked Action
πŸ“– Case Story: The Soldier
Super Social Mode
Meeting New People
Escaping the Friendzone & Breaking Free From Orbit
πŸ“– Case Story: I Hide My Intent To Not Seem Superficial
Group Dynamics
Your New Self In Your Old Groups
New Groups
Established Groups
Merging Groups
The Energy of Attraction Skills & Techniques
Get Out There And Meet People
Where Can I Meet Someone?
Where’s Not A Good Place To Meet Someone
Attracting Attention - Becoming A Beacon
Attracting Attention
Right To Be A Switch
πŸ“– Case Story: I’m A Man And Women Always Approach Me
πŸ“ˆ Rate Yourself: Attracting Attention
Getting Out There
πŸ“– Case Story: The Lady Who Hated Birds
Becoming Comfortable Being Seen And Enjoying Being Seen
πŸ’– Exercise: All Eyes On Me
πŸ’– Exercise: The Attention Energiser
Radiating Like The Sun β˜€οΈ
πŸ“– Case Story: Frogs into Princesses
Passive Attraction Techniques
Being Easy To Approach
Recognising A Potential Suitor
Filtering For Someone Perfect
Be Wary Of The Power Trade
Overcoming Approach Anxiety
What is Approach Anxiety?
Why It’s Good For Women To Overcome Approach Anxiety
From Crippling Fear to Approach Success
Approach Invincibility
Three Strategies For Approaching A Stranger
The Stages of Approach
Severe Approach Anxiety
Motivational Speech - Why Getting Over or Being Able To Manage Approach Anxiety Is Totally Worth It
πŸ“– Case Story: Connecting With Strangers
πŸ“ˆ Rate Yourself: Overcoming Approach Anxiety
Support From A Positive Friend - Wingmen and Wingladies
Going Solo - The Holy Grail of Attraction
How To Approach A Stranger
What Kind of Approach Is Best?
Do They Want Me To Approach?
The Perfect Thing To Say
Just Go!
Direct Approach
Situational Approach aka the Meet Cute
Approach Troubleshooting
The Energy Wave
The Conversational Energy Wave
The Proximity Energy Wave
The Physical Energy Wave
The Art of a Good Conversation
Gaining Their Full Attention
Make Assumptions, Avoid Questions
The Art of Touching & Physical Leading
Physical Leading
Kissing & Making Out
Decision Time - Do You Like Them?
Escalation Anxiety
Invite Out Now, Invite Out Later
Right to Walk Away
Flakey McFlakes
Text Game
First Contact
Text Kisses - x, xx, xxx, xxxx?
Emojis 😜
The Energy of a Text Message Conversation
Remembering The Goal: To Meet In Real Life
Types Of Date
Preparing For The Date
Choosing The Venues
Where To Sit
Moving To A Private Venue Or Leave On A High
First Sex
Having Sex From The Right Place
Reactive Participants - Acknowledging What’s Happening
Active Participants - Providing Comfort
Soft No vs Hard No
The Energy of Attraction… in Action!
Social Media - Facegram, Snapper, Twitchat and Instabook
Positive Posts
Positive Profile Photos
Online Dating
πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Study: Tinder & Low Body Confidence
The Realities of Online Dating
Setting Up Your Profile
Sending The First Message
πŸ’– Exercise: How To Be Emotionally Clear Hitting The Send Message Button
Unwanted Attention
Remember The Goal: Meeting Up In The Real World
If Online Dating Isn’t For You…
Music Festivals
Pacing Yourself: Each Day’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint
The First Day
Peacocking In The Day
Peacocking At Night Time
Free Hugs πŸ€—
Speed Dating
When Speed Dating Goes Good
Merging Groups - Tip for Active Participants
Avoiding Speed Dating Disasters
Partner Freestyle Dancing πŸ•ΊπŸ’ƒ
πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬ Study: Dancing Reduces Chance of Alzheimer's Disease
Only Quadrupeds Have Two Left Feet
Benefits of Freestyle Dancing
Arriving At The Dance Hall
Asking Someone To Dance
The Dance
Never Stop Improving Yourself
Kaizen - Continuous Improvement
The Race Is Long
πŸ“– Case Story: Hokusai On Getting Better Every Day
Why Failure is More Important Than Success
Enjoy The Ride
Recommended Reading
Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann
Energy-in-Motion (EMO) by Silvia Hartmann
The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution by Silvia Hartmann
Extra Help From An Energy Dating Coach
How To Become An Energy Dating Coach
Keep In Touch! πŸ“§
πŸ’– Love Energy, Join the Guild of Energists