What other magical people have said about RHW:

"So well written! Very helpful ..."

"Wow, that is so profound and it has really opened my eyes ..."

"Energizing beyond inspiration ..."

"Make peace, accept, love and joy....this is why I love to read your work and what attracted me to it in the first place. The very energy of your writing touches something inside of me ..."

"Silvia - you make more sense than anybody I've met before in this world. It's like when I read what you write, I recognize ME. From the Creative Template to Project Sanctuary to what you write in this - you are talking about a world and way of living that I can finally understand and relate to. I love the idea of eating like a magical person - how logical is that! I could really FEEL it when you talk about eating what is right for the Totality - not just for the body. Makes so much sense!"

"No end of gratitude from this end ..."

"There is so much in this, unbelievable. Thanks a million Silvia. Amazing!"

"So uplifting, so powerful ..."

"What a book this is!"

"So, I'm different!!! Embracing my differentness - what a lifesaver this is right at this moment ..."

"Thank you so much, Silvia for this magic book!"

"This is exciting and it makes a lot of sense to me!"

"The energy is just awesome ..."

"This is so beautifully said, and absolutely true."

"Wow - I have to read it again - there is so much in this, unbelievable ..."

"Absolutely true and beautiful ..."

"You are the most logical person I know."

"Wow! This is must reading for this 69 year old who is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up ..."

"Every chapter is a treasure to cherish ... and altogether, oh my what a wonderful creation this is ..."

"This book has been like a journey of home coming to me. I recognised myself in every sentence. I have finally found a book that recognises me!"

The Rich & Healthy Witch

A Book For Magical People